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There are a ton of beauty tips/tricks for women. What are some for men?

There are a ton of beauty tips/tricks for women. What are some for men?

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  1. Hairstyles make a huge difference- pay attention to your face shape. Don’t go for a beard unless you have a full one. Skincare can make a big difference. There are moisturizers with different skin color tint which can smooth over blotchy skin but don’t make you look like your wearing makeup

  2. This is the biggest beauty trick that applies to all people : Everyone likes different things. Some girls like all-natural. Others prefer you to look like a drag queen. You have to just try different things. It’s 2021. Guys can wear eyeliners and concealers now.

    If you’re a bigger guy (but not morbidly obese) try getting a shirt that’s oversized ***for you.*** If you usually wear an XL/XXL, try on a 3XL. Try different fits and brands. Try it all; have a “shopping for clothes” day. There’s a reason girls spend hours in the mall/store, and it DIRECTLY correlates as to why girls look better.

    This applies moreso to skinnier guys tho – try on oversized shirts. They might look good on you as opposed to a well-fitting shirt. If you only ever wear oversized shirts, do the opposite and try a fitted shirt.

    Learn WHY you might not look so great, and work around it or fo. We have so many tools and opportunities in developed nations now. Use it.

  3. Exfoliate and properly moisturize! Your body, face, everything! It helps so much with clogged pores, ingrown hairs and overall skin health. I wish so many men knew this and practiced this as it goes such a long way.

  4. So i was at the gum which is why i left my comment at just eyebrows. But im new to brisbane and i wanna help men with this because it is monumentally important to your professional and dating life.

    1: lift. You dont need to look like a greek god you just need to look composed. Obviously having a physique is better but you just want women to know you take your body seriously and you’re disciplined.

    2: pick a hairstyle for your facial shape. I cannot stress this enough. Your hair is your expression. When im in the gym and my hair is garbage because i sweat and dont style it, i get no attention. When i handle my hair and go out, i get attention. Seriously. Hair for your FACIAL SHAPE.

    3: grooming. 90% of men benefit from a light scruff on their face. Some women dislike it hut both genders agree it makes a man look more serious and masculine.

    4: groomed eyebrows make women think: “oh shit, this guy is serious”. So figure it out.

    5: wear bracelets. They make you look manly. Amazon has cheap leather ones 28-32 for 20$ and they are as nice as they look. I buy a few for all my male friends.

    6: get a nice watch. Not expensive but nice.

    7: roll sleeves up to forearms whenever possible and learn proper way to roll up a collared shirt.

  5. Witch hazel wipes/cotton pads for cleaning behind your ears and belly button!

    Always have clean/ironed clothes and use a lint roller to get rid of lint, it makes you look extra polished.

    And you can use olive oil+sugar for a diy lip scrub/body scrub. Gets rid of that dead skin because crusty lips are a no-no. And makes your skin/lips really soft.

  6. 1. Cleanse
    2. exfoliate
    2. moisturize with SPF
    3. PM moisturize before sleep
    4. Use lotion in general
    5. Go to a dermatologist and get your damn acne treated.

    – Invest in a double edge safety razor for that buttery smooth, absurdly close shave. So fun to do. So satisfying to see the results. And breathtakingly cheap — WAY cheaper than electric or disposable razors.

  7. Wear clean clothes that fit.

    Sagging pants is out of style unless you’re a toddler.

    Match your shoes and belt. Socks should match your shoes. If that’s not possible, match your pants.

    Don’t be afraid to add some color, especially if it’s a button-down shirt. Some shirts are designed to hang out and some need to be tucked in. Make sure you know which one you’re wearing.

    Trim any hair on your head that doesn’t belong: eyebrows should each be distinct, no hair in or on your nose or ears.

    Floss daily. Brush when you wake up and right before bed. Smile big enough to be friendly and approachable, not so big you come off as an idiot. (Simple Jack principle)

    You probably don’t have to shower every day. You do need to shower every day you get sweaty. You need deodorant every day.

    I recommend a DE razor with shaving soap. Not the garbage in the tubes. Learn more about proper shaving at r/wicked_edge Better shaving practices mean better skin health. And it’s less expensive than cartridge razors.

  8. Oral hygiene: brush and floss regularly, keep your breath fresh.

    Skincare: clean, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin. It makes a huge difference.

    Grooming: if you have it, keep your facial hair neat and trim. Keep the eyebrows managed. Trim your nails and keep them clean.

  9. Bathe more and wear less cologne. This is such a problem for so many guys.

    Always dress a little nicer than you have to. Just a little.

    Do your eyebrows. Doesn’t have to be complicated, but is different for everyone. I just run my beard edge trimmer right down the middle so I don’t have unibrow. The rest stays neat without effort.

    Trim and clean your fingernails regularly. Unless you are doing something dirty/messy at the moment, you shouldn’t have stuff under your nails.

    Take care of your teeth. Brush and floss a couple times per day, and go to the dentist every 6 months for a cleaning.

    Start reading food labels. You are probably putting all kinds of chemicals and garbage in your body.

  10. Get a nice haircut and spend the 2 minutes putting product in your hair. Keep your eyebrows maintained. Wear properly fitting clothes. The last one is probably the biggest tip most men neglect.

    Oh and wash your ass in the shower. I’ve heard men say this is gay. You know what’s worse than a dirty ass? A woman who rejects you over a dirty ass.

  11. Dress well and maturely. Have multiple pairs of shoes, different kinds of pants (not just jeans), and a jacket that is and looks expensive helps.

    You want a variety of styles. You do not want to be locked into all v-necks or all button downs, etc. You want to look like you have your shit together and that you care about looking like you have your shit together.

  12. Look men especially men that work are not thinking of beauty tips. You men that are. Sorry us men working construction we are who we are. Take us as we are or move on. Yes we dress up nice. But beauty tips come on people. We are not thinking of beauty tips. We are hard workers who do our best. To have a big house and a happy home. All you pencil pushers might be this way but a real man isn’t bout that at all. Not saying we don’t know how to please a woman in bed. Screw the finger use your tongue.

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