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Hey ya dogs….
I was fortunate enough to be asked to go on the CLINK Podcast and have a chat about my struggles and Mental Health I live with each day.
Hope you enjoy 😊
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  1. Nothing scarier than not having controll of your state of mind. Nothing better than knowing what you take or do today affects your state of mind tomorrow…
    On ya powerfish people need to hear this….

  2. Wow, thanks so much for sharing this, I take my hat of to willem, keep up the great work willem, your truly an amazing human and keep smiling buddy, big wishes on the future for willem powerfish, thanks buddy, happy new year

  3. You are seriously a really good person. Its really rare these days to meet people like you. Still haven't but im glad you're such a great bloke and a top role model.

  4. I look at Willem and see a bloke who is still fighting the big fight….. he puts on the Mask and he's a different person. His eyes show a lot of pain and putting up the big fight with the black dog. I can relate with Willem……. I can't even put a finger on why I feel the same way. I guess there are more of us out there than I thought.

  5. The anxiety and drinking that willy had/has was the exact same for me, even to the point of getting heaviest in my mid 20's. I purely drank to remove the worry of having another panic attack. There was even years where I wouldn't leave my house unless I was drinking or taking ativan. Difference is I wasn't making money, I was just a poor bogan 🙂
    I will say exercise is the best thing for agoraphobia (not agraphobia) and anxiety. I take no medication anymore, havent for about 2 years, still battle with panic disorder, but at least I have some sort of life and get out to the beach now and then. I spent about 10 years locked in my house with agoraphobia just trying to live of a Centrelink payment

  6. my brother i feel you, i would be in the fetal position freaking out, but my dad is my rock,,,, i am so happy i have a father, fukn love you willem , i feel your pain , im here for you my brotherwhat medication are you on , im yet to find something to help…. i wish i could…. legit question , can you please tell me what meds you take for anxiety ? it will prob change my life…. im 30years old

  7. This is such a great conversation, you guys are doing all the right things, so much respect. I’m sure a lot of blokes can relate to this story I definitely did, so good to hear that we’re not alone dealing with it. Keep up the good work

  8. This is what Australia needs more off – two people sitting down having a yarn about shit that effects all of us. Thanks guys and keep spitting in deaths eye the ugly doggggg

  9. I had a panic disorder too. When I was a kid for 12 years. It was so bad I've had physical health issues for a long time due to the adrenal burnout caused by the panic attacks. Stuff normal people have never heard of and wouldn't understand I am in remission now though. You have to find the root cause of the problem in order to get rid of it. Also I'm doing TRE (neural tremors) to heal my body it's natural healing.

  10. I have been to the hospital about three times with panic attacks thinking I was having a heart attack. When I was coming down of drugs. Now I go to the the Gym and only ever have mild anxiety now.

  11. Thank you for being brutally honest as that's how I live my life and it helps me deal with the mental illness that I have gone through in the past so keep up the good work as I always appreciate and respect your honesty.

  12. You blokes are awesome your helping a lot of guys out the struggling! William! power on mate I’m sure you’ll come good one day, I’m waiting for another video get it going ya legend, you are both doing a great job for a great cause on ya guys 👍😉 lots of love boys..

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