The coronavirus new normal facing Australians in a world still gripped by pandemic | ABC News – live news stream

While Australia received its first major reprieve from COVID-19 restrictions this weekend, our lives are still a long way from what we once called normal.

Individuals and businesses have been forced to adapt, painting a stark picture of what life might be like in the post-pandemic world.

If you are someone who sets your alarm early to exercise — even when gyms can open their doors — don’t expect your workout experience to be the same as it was prior to COVID-19.

It’s business ‘unusual’ in the workplace. The Commonwealth Bank is one major corporation that has kept about 80 per cent of its office staff working from home during COVID-19. That equates to about 20,000 people who will now begin a phased approach to returning to their offices. Those who are already working at the office are temperature-checked upon arrival.

Tica Hessing is a human geographer and tenant adviser at Cushman & Wakefield, based in Sydney. The commercial real estate company has developed a concept called the “Six Feet Office” and has spent the past week remodelling it. The space includes stickers on the floor indicating a 1.5-metre distance from desks and cubicles. There are even red arrows to encourage staff to move around the office in a clockwise direction, to help people avoid bumping into one another.

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