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Stumbled across another great Brisbanite: Kangaroo Point Sax Man

This guy sets up at the top end of Kangaroo Point, not far from the stairs up the side of the cliff-face.

He’s just another gorgeous face of Brisbane, I took an instant shine to this guy and thought I’d share him with you.

He sets up his speakers, from what I heard seemed a mix of R&B, Soul, Motown. There in shorts & a footy jersey, dancing his heart out as he belts out the tunes on his ohhhy-phone (saxophone).

I imagine he is there practicing most weekends, so if you ever heard some music echoing around the cliffs, that’s where it’s coming from. He’s not a busker or anything, just out there in a beautiful spot, making music in the Brisbane sunshine.

Hugely likeable and happy to share, if you wander along he’s very welcoming – you can have a singalong or just relax and listen. I personally feel there’s nothing quite like a bit of sax on a sunday afternoon. (I said SAX).

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