'So yes, I do blame the Chinese' for coronavirus pandemic: Peter Navarro | ABC News – live news stream

George Stephanopoulos interviews Peter Navarro on “This Week.”

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  1. Navarro is irresponsible. If some poor bugger ate a Bat in Kentucky we could have had the same thing. The Virus was discovered on Dec.27th.. USA was informed at the same time as all Countries Jan.4th. by WHO. No wonder Trump is screwed up with War Mongers like this little fool advising him.

  2. No concept of trying to keep peace. But nothing was revealed about China miss leading the world in the month of February…. But they all showed Nancy Peloski in Chinatown saying come on down….this guy isn't a reporter he's a cheerleader for #DUMASSDEMS

  3. Wait a minute. I have heard George say all this Biden (Hunter) and China had already been looked into. Did he just say it hasn't been proven? But he states it hasn't….hmmmmm. How does he collect his stories? Funny little man. Misleading the public AGAIN. THANKS GEORGE. Didn't this same show have an issue of staging testing at a hospital just last week? Man FAKE NEWS LEADING US TO THE WRONG PATH

  4. Libs just think they know better than everyone. Even people like Obama love to be negative because it’s what gets him attention.. without trump China would have already taken over..

  5. 2:32 'the virus was spawned'. By who? He knows it well. America is ready for anything to satisfy their interests. Even attacking their own people, as long as someone else has the blame m

  6. Aye, China then blames us for the Spanish flu, then American Indians fires suits for… when will it end? What matters is how everyone is managing it, going forward. I doubt China ever blamed the country that started the swine flu. What does blaming accomplish? I guess I am not intelligent enough to know.

  7. God knows where this virus came from..the ppl dont know if the u.s is lying also..If they wouldve shut down the borders to all outside countries once they found out theres a virus and its super contagious mayb we wouldve be in this mess ..all we can is pray. Only our lord can help us

  8. Former Clinton Bimbo eruption unit director and attack dog for Bill and Hillary Clinton: "Unbiased" Journalist George Stephanopoulos. Glad to See Peter Navarro hand this midget a verbal brow beating. Navarro is a brilliant man and I'm so glad he and others like him are working for the American people and not the deep state.

  9. Don't believe a word Navarro says. He as big of a liar as Trump is. And bull crap about Rick Bright. He should be on the front lines of this pandemic. Navarro is triggered because his lies are being brought out into the light.

  10. Navarro is an idiot. He's just another Trump minion. If our economy was so good why did it go to heck so fast? China took down our economy? No word on Trump ignoring it until it was too late for our economy? Your just so full of bull crap. Save Trump and the Republicans at all cost, even if it costs lives, right? Navarro needs to go. Another lie about Biden taking money from China. There's no proof on that. Your guys just continue and spread your lives to try to save Trump.

  11. Peter Navarro said we built the most beautiful economy the world has never seen. ok, the fact says , over 36 millions unemployed, the economy is on the verged of depression, and 90,000 deaths due to coronavirus and the death is growing by leap and bound. Are we living in the same country?

  12. What medical credentials qualify Navarro to be an authority of America's global pandemic response? He is a Trump Spinmeister, another one.

  13. I am an Indian and yes I blame Chinese for coronavirus. At the very least they hid true information from the world and caused a worldwide pandemic. China is responsible for deaths around the world and economic disaster.
    China must compensate:
    1) Each death :$1 million to the family of deceased.
    2) Each case : $50,000 to the infected person.
    3) Each case that the hospitals worked on :$100,000 to the hospitals to be shared with doctors and nurses.
    4) Compensate all losses to all airlines.
    5) $10 trillion dollars to oil producing countries shared as per losses incurred.
    6) Economic disaster :$25 trillion dollars to nations around the world shared per economic losses to each.

  14. 4:37 Moments like these proof time and time again, how bias the mainstream media today really is! Either they're spreading hate and lies often created by the Trump administration (Fox etc.) or otherwise defending and praising Biden at all costs. That's exactly why so many people have little to no trust in "mainstream" news anymore! It's too obvious, how every news outlet follows a political agenda and isn't neutral whatsoever!
    I have NO sympathy for Trump or Navarro and i think the last 4 years were disastrous for America, both national and international! But there is definitly some truth in what Navarro said! Bidens son was on the board of a company (and still owns a large equity stake from it!), which got a billion dollar from China! Instead of asking presidential candidate Biden about the possible conflict of interest, ABC (along with many others!) is not willing to discuss those allegations openly. So over time more and more room for conspiracy theories is available!

  15. Peter Navarro sounds like a low class, ignorant person. The only point he made that sounds sensible is he stated once it is the Chinese COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT that is at fault, which implies it is not the fault of the Chinese people per se. It's really important that this be contextualized because there are many Chinese people who are against the COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT.
    Navarro is ignorant and a blow hard…it is also so obvious he is Trump's lackey!

  16. ""So we take the guy who is a pro at the vicine and put him on the field for testing ""………. wtf . ok . this guy sold my father a station wagon full of beer cans behind the passenger seat . for the record .

  17. Regardless of party, we are all just trying to solve issues. We all have different points of view with the same ultimate goal to progress and improve. I can’t vote in this election, but I wish the people who can would understand intentions and calmly solve things. We aren’t enemies, we just see things differently.

  18. This man is dangerous their are those who are not educated as to the facts. This man is taking advantage of that by fast talking mis-directed “Trump time” rhetoric to his advantage. His status, his advantage to gain favor with this president not the american people. Finally he’s over his head and doesn’t see it.

  19. Who else you could blame? Maybe you should blame on your parents to raise such a man child who cannot take any responsibility but to blame others for their own inaction and inability of doing anything. And I do wish US government hire more and more of these kind of people, because it simply weakens you more and more, while we enjoying this circus show.

  20. Navarro, who was not even competent to elected in the city council. Now, using all those fact free anti China vicious hatred accusation to manipulate American people. petty to see a old fellow with so much hate and complaints.

  21. USA can’t do nothing to China !! China is a super power that shares the same stage with USA !!! China and USA aren’t going nowhere !!! Chinese ppl are smart,hard working ,got money !!

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