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So men of Reddit, what were those instances when you experienced something ghostly and bizarre and which scared the shit out of you?

So men of Reddit, what were those instances when you experienced something ghostly and bizarre and which scared the shit out of you?

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  1. I distinctly felt “was that a ghost?” once in my old apartment (across the street from a small graveyard, but on the 10th floor.) She had long blond hair and I saw her out the corner of my eye by the bathroom door and felt cold. I’m not big supernatural stuff but this was convincing.

  2. I used to work as a hall porter (general dogs body) at a hotel when I was a teenager.

    There was a rank smell around the conference rooms one wkend and I was tasked with finding the source and sorting it out.

    I followed my nose and found it was coming from a cellar, which only had head room of about 5’6″ I’m over 6′ so was crouched over looking around for what thought would be a bag of rubbish or dead pigeon or rat similar with a torch.

    The hotel was Victorian so the basement was pretty creepy and full of dust and cobwebs it already felt like I was in a horror movie.

    I moved through to a different section of the cellar through a gap in the wall.

    Scanned area with the torch and saw something that still gives me chills.

    Hanging from a rafter was something rotting wrapped in a white sheet with maggots crawling all over it. I thought I’d found a body.

    I freaked out bolted back to reception and told the manager to call the police. They were sceptical and insisted I showed when I refused and told them where to look.

    Turns out one of the chefs had thought a damp cellar was a good location to age a large leg of pork they had cured as a side project to take home.

    But for 10minutes genuinely I thought I’d found a murder victim.

  3. Had a fake encounter that spooked me badly.

    I went to close the Garage door and suddenly blood started seeping through the gaps. Turns out some possums got into a fight while it was open but I only found out a few hours later.

  4. I’ve had sleep paralysis and thought it was an actual demon until I googled my symptoms and found out what sleep paralysis is. Other than that, I’ve never had a ghostly encounter. I don’t believe in them, and I think that’s why I don’t see them. It’s all perspective imo.

    People supposedly feel a cold chill when there’s a presence, but to me, the room is just cold. I’m not saying they don’t exist so I don’t want to put other people’s experiences down, but I personally haven’t seen anything that makes me believe in ghosts.

  5. I’m not really a believer in the paranormal, but in a previous apartment, I’m almost sure someone/something came a few nights a week to sit in an armchair in my studio apartment. I heard the sound of someone sitting there, I could almost see someone (hard to describe the ‘almost’), and it just felt like someone was there. Like when you know someone is looking at you.

    For some reason it wasn’t scary, more annoying sometimes.

    Obviously it could very well be my imagination. But what makes it weird to me is that I’m truly not 100% sure, even though I don’t believe in ghosts or anything. Like if this ghost person would have suddenly got up and introduced himself, I wouldn’t have been totally surprised by it.

  6. Swear to god i saw Bigfoot or some giant monster when i was 10. Woke up to get water and went to the window and saw this giant ass thing staring at me. Freaked me out went running to my parents. My mom thought it was me sleep walking but the dog was outside sleeping in his dog house and going absolutely crazy too. Another time is i had sleep paralysis and there was a demon or something in my room but i finally managed to snap out of it and went to turn on my lamp and it wouldn’t turn on, then my TV and it wouldn’t turn on, then my overhead lights and it wouldn’t turn on. My phone battery was dead too. The circuit breaker to my room was tripped. Still don’t know what caused it.

  7. My aunts have always told a story about my grandfather from when they were younger. They were all walking in the woods one day, my grandfather ahead of my three aunts, when they started to hear some sort of “chanting” they said. They kept going to investigate, but my grandfather made them stay back and went ahead. When he came back to them, they all say he was white as a ghost. All 3 of my aunts say that they had never seen my grandfather scared in their entire lives and they have never seen him scared since. They have no idea what he saw. Every time anyone has tried to ask him about it, he had refused to talk about it. Unfortunately, he passed last year so we’ll never know. But I am so curious as to what could have him so frightened. I was very close with him, and he was just not really afraid of anything. He was adventurous and stoic and kind of hard-core tbh.

    My aunts have always theorized that it was some sort of cult meeting in the woods. They’ve tried multiple times to find the woods that they were in that day, but to no avail. They said that if they found it, they would remember it in a heartbeat. Maybe one day! These were in the woods around Vineland, NJ. Where my mother grew up with her 3 sisters. She doesn’t remember it at all for some reason. My aunts say she was there, but she doesn’t think that she was.

  8. Night terrors aren’t fun, haven’t had them much since I was a kid but I still recall how they would go and they fucked me up as a kid. Was always the same thing I’d see too… someone getting decapitated in the corner of my room on the ceiling, and I’d freak out and run around the house screaming…

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