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Single men, when interacting with any female to you always assess there potential compatibility?

Do you men see every women and wiegh there potential to be a partner? If so what do you weigh in that regard?

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  1. Yes, not literally *any* woman, but I will often entertain these thought processes that are essentially me subconsciously assessing their compatibility even when I have no real interest in them; it’s like a curiosity. One common example is I will kind of daydream about what it would be like to introduce them to my parents, how would they get on with them, how they would handle my Dad’s sense of humor, or my Mom’s old school judge mental attitude. What would it be like to introduce them to my friends. Just day dreams about what it would be like if they were… *part of my woooooooorld!*

    But yeah, it’s almost an unconscious process and I generally have no intentions of acting on it.

  2. no, I only assess women I am attracted to I also note that I have no chance with any of them then I move on from that particular mode of thinking and just talk to them to see if they would work well as a friend.

  3. If she’s attractive I guess but it’s not something I do with every woman that comes my way in general. It also depends on how receptive that person may be. Maybe she’s my waitress, someone who is on the clock, in which case I wouldn’t do anything.

  4. Not all the time no, but it depends on the situation. If I’m at work and school, then I see them as coworkers or fellow students so it’s purely professional if not just friendly. If I’m actively trying to date and I meet a girl I think I might like, I’ll consider it and talk to her more.

  5. No. Usually a conversation starts over something normal, and if that conversation keeps going you’ll eventually talk about shared interests. How they talk about said interests is an indication to me how they are as a person, and there might be compatibilities

  6. The first thing would be their looks and everyone who says something else is lying. No one would approach a women the don’t find attractive. If you meet a women through friend groups it might be different, but for strangers it’s definitely the looks. After that it’s just character. What kind of person she is. No one will have a good compatibility with an attractive person that has a shitty personality.

  7. I definitely do not think about random women on the street as potentional partner lmao. That is weird as fuck.
    Finding some of them attractive and wanting to fuck them is normal.

  8. Absolutely (for non family if they’re sane). And any straight man that tells you otherwise is a lying sack of shit. Some men will say otherwise because they are confused and and think “well my coworker is really old etc”. That just means they’re so low on the scale they hardly register.

    So “every” isn’t the best word to use as brisbane will take that literally and give you the answer of no. But the response to the implied question is yes. Unless brisbane wants to play opposite.

  9. It depends on the context. If we are deliberately flirting then yes, I will but if it’s in casual platonic conversation I will not think off it unless I feel extreme attraction or like her.

  10. For me personally when I meet a person for a first time I don’t really think about anything other then the conversation where having. For me to be thinking about whether a woman would be romantically compatible or not I’d have to be thinking that from before we first interacted. Either that or she would have to breathtakingly attractive.

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