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Male Readers, What is a hobby, characteristic, interest or fetish you have that makes you afraid your potential or current SO will find you undesirable for?

Single Men of Reddit, What is a hobby, characteristic, interest or fetish you have that makes you afraid a potential SO will find you undesirable for?

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  1. I’m really into tabletop games. For some people this actually leads to good conversation, but I’ve had a few where it just instantly killed any chance I had. I usually don’t mention it unless they bring it up first now because of that.

  2. Not so much one interest but when I find a new hobby or interest, I cannot deviate from it in conversation. It’s not even like I’m deciding it’s the only thing worth talking about it’s just that my brain really cant focus on anything else

    I’ve been told it’s *quite* annoying

  3. Ladies figure skating, it’s such a beautiful sport and I have to admit I’ve gotten emotional watching some performances. I’m a big fan but it’s not seen as a manly thing to watch.

  4. Homebody. According to Tinder/Bumble girls love to go “adventures”(idk that really means) so that would probably put a damper in things when they find out. I could be made to come out of comfort zone, before ‘Rona I would go out with friends every other week. But if they’re the type that likes to go hiking, to the beach and stuff we may have some issues b/c I don’t really find much enjoyment in that type of stuff and forcing me might create some mutual resentment.

  5. I don’t want kids. So much so that I got a vasectomy last December. Obviously I realized going into it that it would practically slaughter the number of woman who want to date me. But I’d rather have a harder time finding someone who is actually compatible compared to more easily finding someone who we won’t work out long-term.

  6. I’m always really nervous or anxious, and actually extremely afraid of doing new things. Dunno why. Otherwise I’m “perfect”. Or so the girl who I was with for a month said when she left me for another guy. Oh, also I have man titties that I’m trying to lose but actually cant

  7. I’m a burned out idealist, so I get a bit emotional at times. Plus I’ve already been married twice so I guess there’s the whole “used goods” thing.

  8. I am a lot more conservative than most of my peers. Im not actually conservative, more of a moderate liberal, but I live in a very progressive city where some of my views are cancellable.

  9. Total geek. Like to an extreme degree. I will talk your ear off about star wars legends lore for hours on end without being bored. I love animie, books, cartoons, video games, movies etc.

    Also still at 19 play with legos and action figures. Not collect, no actually play with them for hours on end. I don’t believe I’ll grow out of it, and I see no reason to stop.

    But the biggest one is I’m childfree. I want a vasectomy the second i can.find a doctor. I do not want a kid. I will not change my mind on that.

    I also am a very introverted only child. I need my alone time. I dont wanna be around someone 24/7

    I just want to find a girl who will nerd out with me. I’m sick of getting crap for my geeky hobbies. If I cant find a girl who’s childfree and I can have fun with then I’ll just stay single, but I’d prefer to find one

  10. Having a badass dog, into guns/knives/martial arts, comp gamer. Movie and show critic, love me some action anime aswell. Big loner lifestyle, some say its empowering and others say its creepy. But all in all i don’t care for a woman who would give me shit for my hobbies, she would have to do my bestfriend if i wanted something serious anyhow. Im pretty chill on the fetish side, just like to be the “alpha” so to speak but vanilla is chill enough

  11. I’m kind of big into monster girls (and also just anime in general!). It’s not only a fetish, I’m just generally intrigued by them. It occasionally influences my design choices when I’m drawing or writing (chicks with claws are both hot *and* cool). The average person thinks it’s a bit odd, and I completely understand.

    Outside of that, I game a lot. Some people have viewed it as too much, but I’ve had relationships who were fine with it.

    To be fair, though, if my SO will find me undesirable for my interests, they don’t need to be my SO. My SO probably doesn’t need to be into *everything* I’m into, but if they can’t even tolerate it, we can’t be together.

  12. Lemme see here…

    Emotional baggage. I feel like if I were to have an SO they would have to deal with all my emotional troubles which seems unfair

    General forgetfulness. I inherited this from my dad i just tend to forget about things or tasks seemingly at random, so I often forget to clean up after myself or what chores I was supposed to do that day, which seems like an unattractive quality

    And finally, my inability to control my volume. Partly due to autism and also partly the hearing damage, I am incredibly loud just naturally. I find this quality would make it hard to have an apartment, much less an SO

  13. I have a “mind-break” kink. I get aroused by the idea of a reluctant/unwilling woman eventually succumbing to pleasure and temporarily losing her rationality. I’m a bit wary of it, mostly because the entry scenario for it is too close to rape-play.

    edit: I’m being downvoted for this? I feel like I’m getting kink-shamed.

  14. I think i’m lumped into being a nerd because I’m a software developer and I have this unique ability to soak in every bit of a TV series if it interests me so everyone assumes i’m a TV show geek.


    But in reality i’m an absolutely terrible nerd, I have a very normie looking house, no embarrassing manga bookshelves or katanas or lego models or any of that shit (not that having that is a problem, I just spot it at friends houses who are nerdy)


    I’m also definitely not a normie, I do spend a lot of time working on programming.


    I’m also not cool though, so I don’t think I appeal to anybody really, hahaha.

  15. I’m just hairy as heck and basically look like a man bear. Have been told by at least 4 girls about how they find that disgusting. So doubt it’s any of the above that’s really stopping me.

  16. I have guns. Like, a LOT of guns. I do worry sometimes that women will walk into my room and see all the guns and ammo scattered about and think I’m a psycho (like my anti gun parents do).

  17. Fetish-wise? The gentle side of Femdom. The idea of a woman taking charge in a sweet, confident and affectionate dominant way (but not domineering) really gets me going. Not having to feel like I constantly need to steer things and be in control, and being able to trust someone else to take the reins and show me a good time is also emotionally appealing. The vulnerability of it seems like a healthy practice. I find some women find you pathetic for that for some reason, or are socialized into thinking that’s not acceptable behavior for women. Not pessimistic about it though, just my opinion.
    Also my back is fucked, so it’s hard to physically do stuff sometimes.

  18. The gym/fitness.

    You think girls would like it but girls don’t find weighing your food and tracking your macros sexy or not wanting to go out on a Friday because alcohol will impact your performance at the gym tomorrow.

  19. None, because I’m a reasonable guy who know that my interests shouldn’t be even considered as a flaw, and if a potential SO having problems with them was to be the case, then there was no potential at all.

  20. Gamer, computer building, cars/mods (still learning), scale Rc cars, when I don’t want to do anything, I really don’t wanna do anything but lay here and chill

  21. I’m a game developer and general nerd, it doesn’t even consume my life that much but I’m always somewhat embarrassed even though it’s becoming more and more normal

  22. Maybe not ‘undesirable’ (hopefully) but i imagine my wall of Foxes will probably raise an eyebrow…. I was collecting figures, decorations, sculptures and plush animals of Foxes since i was a kid, to the point where whenever a relative was going to get me a gift, they’d default to some form of fox related thing. Over time it’s become a pretty heft collection that’s filling up two shelving units. A bit of a strange thing i’m sure.

  23. Music taste. I often get told heavy metal is for maladjusted adults who never grew out of being maladjusted teens, serious druggies, basement-dwelling nerds, people who kill their pets, just about every negative stereotype you can levy against someone really. I’m not going to front like it’s the same as just being casually into pop music – this stuff is loud, abrasive, and the imagery gets pretty out there, but it’s the love of my life. I love going to shows, those musicians are who I look to for inspiration when playing guitar, I collect the records, and it’s my go-to for music.

    I often don’t talk about what music I really love til a few dates in. She doesn’t have to like it, but at least needs to respect that I do. I tend to look for some signals that she won’t be that freaked out about it, like maybe a twisted sense of humor or likes some other types of music that are equally loud and abrasive, general openness to new experience, etc. I get that we’re (supposedly) in a more socially progressive time, but that stuff still freaks people out and most girls’ impression of a good time with music isn’t exactly a mosh pit. I’d rather just keep it on the low.

  24. First one would be hunting, so many people (men and especially women) are against it.

    Another one would be my addiction to trucks. I’m always working on mine and modifying them trying to get more horsepower and doing restorations. Got 7 trucks now (4 classic chev/gm trucks and 3 newer duramax diesels) All this screams redneck, which tends to scare women away.

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