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Single men, how do I enjoy going out to events by myself?

I’m single, as are the most millions of people around the world. Sometimes it feels like we should be doing things with friends, such as hanging out, going to the bar, shopping for clothes, or to sporting events.

But as COVID-19 has shown us, is it normal to do things by yourself?
If I had a dentist appointment, doctor, check-up, etc. I would do it alone, solo-dolo, but with something like grabbing dinner, or going to the movies, is that appropriate to enjoy by yourself?

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  1. The only thing you should be doing is having fun. Being alone isn’t bad, I like it actually, but you don’t need friends to have fun. Friends and fun are like cinnamon on bacon, tastes great but not completely necessary.

  2. If you’re doing something purely because you enjoy it, wouldn’t you being alone be largely irrelevant? I mean, I know some things are better with numbers, but do you need another person to eat good food, watch a movie, enjoy a sunset, or go for a relaxing drive?

  3. Yeah i think those type of things are good to enjoy by yourself. Becoming comfortable with yourself and enjoying time by yourself is a really good thing to bring to a relationship when you get into one. Particularly if your future SO also is comfortable like that.

    Well learning how to be independent is a really good skill in general, not just relationships but also work and hobbies etc.

    But yeah comfort with yourself/doing stuff on your own is an amazing thing and can also give you some good (keep it healthy) self reflection time as well.

    Hope this helps OP.

  4. I love going shopping alone. There’s no rush so I can peruse at my leisure, and the only thing I have to worry about is whether I NEED the item I’m looking at.

    I’ve been to the movies alone. That was cool too. Got to sit where I wanted, and watched the movie without anyone snagging my popcorn or taking a sip of my drink.

  5. I think there are things you can do perfectly alone like mentioned but there are things I still find hard to do alone. For example I like being alone in museum. I can take my time and look longer at things im interested in. However going alone to a concert sucks though, at least for me. Did it several times and never felt the same as when going with other people.
    Im still trying to figure out in which category these things fall.

  6. I love going to movies by myself because I do it as a way to treat myself, if I have friends who want to tag along then that’s okay but I would be happy to go by alone. Same goes with grabbing a meal by myself, I find it therapeutic and rewarding. Being comfortable with your own company is a great feeling.

  7. Just do it. I am married and I occasionally still do things by myself. My wife is not into sports so when I go to baseball or hockey games I usually go alone if none of my friends are available.

  8. I think it depends on why you’re doing the activities. Obviously some of them are for fun, but is the fun derived from the activity or the people.

    Just figure out what you legitimately like doing by yourself.

  9. This is gonna sound corny but treat it like a big day. Save up a little bit, spend some coin and have some fun. Worst case scenario, you’re having a good time while wishing you could spend it with someone else. Best case scenario, that someone else sees you having a good time and might wanna see what’s up.

    P.s. I don’t mean be flashy or nothin. That’s how you attract gold digging whores. I just mean get a soda and candy with that popcorn. Treat yoself

  10. I first went to the cinema by myself about five years ago, when there was a fairly niche film showing, and I decided I wasn’t going to bother asking friends to go. Loved it. You can go whenever you want, and if you decide you aren’t really feeling it, you can leave it for another day or time. Want a popcorn? Sure. A cheeky beer with the film? Go ahead. You don’t have to worry about someone making comments to you during the film, and you don’t feel the pressure to make conversation during trailers. I still see the occasional film with friends, but if I can’t find anyone to go with, I go on my own.

    Eating by myself is a little different – I could go for something more fast food like, say a pizza or burger, but try to be in and out fairly quickly, and it’s usually if I’m meeting friends and don’t have time to head home and make food, but enough time to get a quick bite.

    I prefer shopping for clothes alone, as I like to be in and out of the store as fast as I can, although I have enjoyed doing so with friends in the past.

    Up until a couple of years ago, I didn’t want to go to gigs unless if was with friends. I kind of regret that, as I went to my first solo gig and really enjoyed it. Went to the bar nearby to have a few drinks beforehand, then headed over to the venue, and it was great. I could stand wherever I wanted, and could go to the toilet without worrying about losing anyone. In the downtime between bands, I did kind of wish I had someone to talk to, as everyone there seemed to be with other people. When gigs start again, I wouldn’t really have any qualms about going to something on my own, but I would try to get friends to come with me, as it is way more enjoyable with friends.

  11. Getting over the stigma of going to certain place by myself was one of the best things I did. Don’t get me wrong there are something that just aren’t the same without another person like going out to dinner.

    But I go to sporting events, movies, even last month went to a Comedy Show by one of my favorite comedians by myself and had a fantastic time it gave me something to look forward leading up to the show. Sporting Events were a big one for me, my friends weren’t as interested in sport or could afford to go to as many sporting events as me that is what really kicked off my solo adventures.

  12. When I was single I enjoyed going to the movies by myself and didn’t mind going for dinner by myself.

    I’ve gone to the bar by myself but usual only prefer doing that if I know at least someone I know is likely to be there.

  13. Make sure you’re doing something you’d do either way. Been goin to comedy shows- can only buy 2 tickets. I just go and tell the hostess if anyone comes by w/o a ticket to send them over. Bars/restaurants I wanna go to, I sit at the bar and end up talking to the waiters and bar tenders. Work on your socializing chops and build a reputation for when/if you start bringing a date. This covid shit has fucked some things up and I’ll never forgive certain types of people, but I won’t be stopped.

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