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Scratched someone’s car

Hi all,

First time posting, please be kind and pardon my English.

I have accidentally scratched someone’s car while parking a month ago. The car’s owner and I have been keeping in touch and getting quotes ($300-$500) (including online quotes) to fix the car.

We have decided to settle on one of the quotation ($300+), I transferred her the payment and trust that she will get her car fixed.

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A week later (today), the owner contacted me and said that she’s at the workshop and they have misquoted her. It’s supposed to be $900 instead.

I am quite stressed from this situation – not sure if I should seek help from my insurance or find another workshop? In addition, anything may have happened within that week. Someone could have scratched her car…

Any advise? or recommendation for paint/ scratch work? TIA

I have the initial quotation from her mechanics and text messages of us agreeing to settle for this ($300ish) amount of money.. Have included an image of the car scratch as well – it’s a Subaru Liberty 2016.


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