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Reddit men who have gone through divorce. Does your ex wife to talk your new wife and if not why?

10 years divorced and 6 remarried and still won’t say a word not even for the kids sake. Do they really hold grudges forever?

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  1. I was the child in this situation. My parents both remarried and got along really well with each other’s new partners. Sometimes it was the step parents meeting up in parking lots half way to swap kids for weekends. This is probably weird but it was nice.

  2. I wouldn’t even want to be in this situation. The world is huge. If I had an ex she wouldn’t even know if I was dead or alive. I guess kids complicate things for many.

  3. Well I was blessed not to have any kids from the first marriage. That limits contact.

    However the biggest reason they don’t talk is that my 1st wife died (complications from her diabetes) roughly 3 years after our divorce and only about a month after I remarried.

  4. Same stats for me and they don’t talk besides occasionally small pleasantries . They don’t hate each other but just no reason to talk . What’s the point . In a perfect world we could all be buddies but this is what divorce looks like for most people and you really need boundaries to make things run smoothly

  5. I haven’t talked to my ex wife in 15 years. Neither has my son. My daughter still has to deal with her shit, but my daughter won’t let her kids see her mom. The oldest is 13 and has never met her.

    I had my girlfriend help me get property from my ex’s house 4 years after divorce when we finally completed property division, but my ex thought she was someone I hired to help because my girlfriend was Azteca-Mexican. If my ex had known, my girlfriend would never have made it inside the house.

  6. Woman here, divorced for 8 years. Ex-husband’s wife slams the door in my face and forbids her kids to have any contact with me. I could not care less as long as she isn’t a dick to my kids. Don’t be a c4nt to my kids or talk shit about me when they’re around—that’s all I need.

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