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Questions grow after firing of State Department watchdog – live news stream

Top Republicans say they want answers. ABC News’ Alex Presha reports.




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  1. Question loom as Joe Biden dementia becomes more transparent….as the left wing media such as ABC try to play it down…americans are not stupid…ABC…CBS…CNN…NBC..

  2. This is how Dictatorships are created…remove oversight & nobody knows what you are doing or where the money is going…Corruption at work on a daily basis 🔥

  3. We can see very clearly what the Republicans left behind when they had the chance to vote his ass out!!! Donnie needs to go!!! In November everybody that wants Donald Trump out should vote twice against Donald Trump!!!

  4. According to the Code of Federal Regulations, a federal employee "shall not encourage, direct, coerce, or request a subordinate to use official time to perform activities other than those required in the performance of official duties or authorized in accordance with law or regulation."

  5. He asked to be interviewed and he has no knowledge! Just another incompetent Trump puppet. Trump needs to focus on his failure now instead of trying to make Obama look bad. Every time Trump brings up Obama’s name it reminds us of what leadership is. Trump will never come close. Con man always get found out no matter how many diversions they try to create, Trump!

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