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PT/beginner lifting advice?


I’m 28/f and don’t know how to lift. I would like to lift, because despite doing a year and a half of almost daily reformer pilates my upper body aint shit. It’s like it’s resistant to muscle growth. Also, I hear with muscle growth, comes fat burning. I’m not overweight but i want a flat tum already. This wee “spare tire” round my belly aint doing it for me, it’s gotta go. I know diet is 95% how to lose fat but I already eat mostly unprocessed home cooked food, I don’t snack, and I don’t drink my calories…still can’t make any headway. So strengthening my weak noodly arms, and shaving a couple of cm off my bod is my goal.

How do I start lifting safely? I don’t want to rupture a disc, herniate something or tear anything. My one experience with a PT was through Snap fitness and that was just…not good, very unproffessional. So would love to not repeat that experience. Any advice? Just git gud scrub? Or do any of you know a guy/gal who’s legit?

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