People who were in a bar and received a free drink, what was the occassion?

People who were in a bar and received a free drink, what was the occassion?

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  1. I got hit by a car on my way to work. Nothing massive, no broken bones or anything, but a sizable bruise and a rather nasty limp. My boss sent me home, but instead I went to my favourite bar. They saw the limp and asked what happened

    They gave me the beer I ordered, and a free double of Jameson Caskmates IPA “for the pain”.

    I haven’t lived in that city for over 2 years now, but they still recognise me when I pop back in when visiting

  2. On a date, the bartender was really nice. We ordered a few drinks each and the bartender started throwing in free shots. Eventually creating cocktails for us by asking what we like. It was a great night. It was a hotel bar and there was a wedding going on in there somewhere and we were two of the few people in the bar that weren’t there for the wedding. The bartender was awesome and made the date even better

  3. It only happened twice to me.

    Once, a cute bartender offered me a beer on the house, for being a “cool customer”. It was a slow night and we talked a bunch. She was the “dreamer” type, juggling two part-time jobs to pay for her college tuition. I actually never forgot her name, or the things we talked about. She was a cool chick.

    The second time, I was drinking alone as I sometimes do and an older gentleman sent me a beer. He was also drinking alone. I looked at him confused, he gave me half a smile and raised his cup. I did the same, while he downed his drink and then left.

    I can’t quite put a finger on it, but there’s just something people who drink alone seem to share. It’s not uncommon to exchange a nod of acknowledgement with other folk who just “get it”. You gents who also grab a beer on your own know what I’m talking about, I hope.

  4. An older guy who was incredibly drunk said I reminded him of his grandson. He paid for my old fashioned and even told the bartender to add extra whiskey. I stuck around the bar for a while to make sure he didn’t try to drive home, but some friends came to pick him up so it was all good.

    Another time, a bartender gave me a drink on the house. Not sure why, as I wasn’t a regular. I think she was just in a good mood, as her shift was ending.

  5. One time I was at a bar to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I went right after work so I had a nice shirt on, and my friend was the first one from the party to arrive. After we had been chatting for a while, some of her other friends arrived and she got up to talk to them. While I was letting them catch up, one of the waiters brought me a shot, saying that another table bought it for me. I talked to them later and apparently they sent it out of sympathy for me. They had thought I was on a date with my friend and that she had bailed on me to talk to some other people. I still laugh with my friend about that.

  6. vacation with the family, i went down to get a drink or two and noticed a group of people trying to take a group picture but were having trouble, so i walked over and took the picture. About 3 minutes later a waitress brought me a drink and pointed to the group.

  7. i was polite to the doorman. it’s funny because i was already drunk and the doorman stopped by my table with a free piña colada and thanked me for not being a hassle to deal with. i guess he dealt with assholes all night.

  8. Not a bar but in the UK we have a coffee shop chain called Pret and the staff have a certain amount of free drinks they’re allowed to give out to customers each week.

    I’d had a super long, exhausting, shitty and stressful day, went to get a drink after missing my train home and that was the day I got a freebie from the staff, can’t lie I almost cried.

  9. Sometimes I’m just having a chat with a nice person, and they buy a round.

    I also occasionally get a drink at a karaoke bar, if someone likes my song.

    And when I was doing stand up, I’d get several drinks, often in lieu of actual payment.

    We’ve also got this one bartender who will give us drinks and let us hang out after the bar closes.

  10. I’ve gotten hit on by gay men before who have bought me a drink. My “gaydar” is awful, so I had no idea what was happening until my friends pointed it out.

  11. Has literally never happened to me. Occasionally we do “I’ll take this round, you’ll get the next” with friends, but that’s it. Although I’ve never bought anyone a drink either, I guess it’s a cultural thing. Seems to be that the only times it happens is when a guy tries to chat up a girl.

  12. At a bar minding my own and an obviously smashed birthday girl (had the hat thing with 21 etc.) approached me and asked if I wanted to buy her a drink. I said no, I’m just hanging by myself. Some time later she came back and said fine, she’d buy me one, cool, fine, we get to talking about what we do for living etc., small talk.

    Well she asked my age, well I was 35 at the time, she’s all saucer eyed and “oh wow I can’t do this”, which was fine, she went off doing her thing and me back to mine. I suppose I was supposed to chase her down cause her friends came over asking what’s up. Told them what was going on and they implied she was interested but was, I don’t know, shocked at how young I look for my age, try talking to her again. She was a pretty girl but I would feel like a creep actively pursuing such a younger person.

    Diffused situation by just asking for her number and just leaving.

  13. I’ve had it happen a few times. The examples given are from the USA, China and the Philippines.

    Some examples.

    Getting dinner at a village restaurant. The village drunk comes over to my friend and I. He rambles on in Mandarin about how we are Christian and he is Buddhist and that means that we should love each other. He proceeds to take our bottle of wine, takes a few swigs and than starts sniffing my hair while giving me a very agressive back massage. Eventually we got him to leave, the table next to us thought it was hilarious and invited us over to their table for a few rounds of baijiu.

    Girl that I was seeing broke up with me. To help me out a few friends took me to a KBBQ restaurant. We got a lot of food and soju. the restaurant had a band playing, they came over and asked if we wanted them to sing a Korean song for us. I told them my predicament and and out of pity they got us a round of beer on the house (still had to pay for the sappy Korean break up song).

    Two in one night. Mates and I were on a trip in China to a 3rd tier city. During our first night out we found an American style BBQ place and went in expecting BBQ. Unfortunately we got there too late but out of sympathy the owner gave us several pitchers of beer on the house.

    Later that night we went to a club in this city. We were the only foreigners there and the club manager gave us our own table as well as a bottle of grey goose vodka. The floor was pulsing, the air was dripping with sweat and the atmosphere was claustrophobic in the best of ways. I highly recommend checking out the nightlife in 3rd tier Chinese cities.

    Friends and I went to a whiskey bar for new years eve. They were pretty apprehensive because of how expensive the drink list was but after one or two drinks the drunken hot waitress started pouring myself and another mate free whiskey, baijiu and vodka.

    Out in the Philippines, I was at a small beach resort’s bar and asked the bartender if he had any Filipino beer. I had never had any before. He was surprised, took out a BIG bottle or red horse beer and told me it was on the house. Ended up having a fair number of them but the first was still free.

    Had a few over the years where the waiter will bring out two beers instead of one, got those for free.

    One time at a Mexican restaurant/bar I started asking the bartender about the mescal selection. He and I were the last people in the place and he let me have samples of every kind and gave me a rundown of each one.

    Edit: sometimes during trivia nights at pubs/bars I’ve won a shot or beer of some kind or another.

  14. My bartender would give me the drinks that people ordered and decided they didn’t want for whatever reason. I’d be hanging around the bar, shooting the shit, suddenly a drink comes back, “Hey, want a daquiri?” Never gonna say no to that.

  15. Was at karaoke one time with a bunch of people. This guy hears my friend sing and decides to buy us all a round. Then he tells us his entire life story, tries to awkwardly dance with the girls, and then films my ass while telling my partner all about it.

    Then he awkwardly tried to add us on Facebook the day after.

    Hell to the nah.

  16. Most often it’s come from a bartender or manager that came in to where I have bartended or managed and I gave them a free drink, so they are showing some love back. This happens a lot in the bar & restaurant industry unless you are a jerk.

    Sometimes because I have been by regularly and tip well. Something else that happens plenty in that atmosphere. At certain bars the bartender actually gets an allowance they can use to treat regulars. They never use it on a shitty tipper.

    Sometimes girls, but not once from an approach, like “hey I wanna buy that stranger down the bar a drink so we can chat it up.” We always already knew each other. So if that’s what you meant, never.

  17. I work in the service industry, so being a regular at a bar or having local bartenders coming to your restaurant makes it easy to get free drinks. I’ve had many free drinks at the bar we go to, simply because the bartender wanted to do a shot.

    There was some big event going on at the same bar and as I was making my way up to the bar, I ran into a bartender from a different bar who was obviously already kinda toasty. Neither of us know each other’s names but we definitely recognized each other. She said, “hey, we got one too many shots, you want one?” Of course I never turn down a free shot.

    My absolute favorite memory of this bar was when the bartenders boyfriend had his birthday and we all went to this big arcade/bowling alley/laser tag place (where you can also drink). Afterwards we went to the bar and when it hit closing time, we all hung out on the patio for an extra hour past close and the bartender went in and made us all free drinks since they technically can’t sell alcohol past that time.

    Sorry this was long, reminiscing is fun.

  18. I get free drinks pretty frequently tbh. I used to bartend, so whenever I’m out drinking I always try to be friendly with bartenders/waiters (cuz I know how may Karens they can encounter) and patient if they’re busy. I truly feel like being kind and respectful goes a long way and can be a breath of fresh air for people in the service industry.

  19. I’ve gotten so many free drinks at bars/clubs I’ll try and list some top memories:

    Me and the boys dressed up in suits and pretended it was my bachelor party (got free drinks and a bachelorette’s bride-to-be sash)

    Girl wanted to sleep with me, i wasn’t interested but she insisted I let her buy me a drink first, still wasn’t interested after though lol

    I won a chugging contest against a friend so they had to buy me a drink

    I won a beer pong competition and got $50 bar tab (not sure if this counts though)

    Became friends with a bartender and whenever I’d go to his club I’d get free drinks and free guest list

    Lots of drunk friendships made with guys and girls who liked me enough to buy me drinks

    The list goes on but with all the free drinks the memories get a bit hazy haha

  20. As of recent, around December the bar that I go to hooked me up with one free drink on my tab during the holidays. Wasn’t really expecting it, but I always strived to tip my bartenders well and just thank them for their service cause I know it can be hectic at times.

  21. Being friends with the bartender always helps.

    But I’ve found being generally friendly, and polite to bartenders usually yields a free drink every now and then. Sometimes just off my tab, or sometimes when something gets made by mistake or whatever and needs to find a home.

  22. Buddy and I were at a “Mexican” bar in Hong Kong. We’re from the US. So, we started chatting with the bartender whenever we ordered drinks. Asked where she was from, she said Nepal. We kept asking her questions about her life and her home, she seemed to like us and gave us double tequila shots twice. I’m a lightweight. Safe to say I don’t remember much of the conversation, but boy did I love Hong Kong.

  23. St. Patricks Day, senior year of college.

    I meet up with some high school friends to reminisce and we go out to an Irish pub for the evening. Place fills up and we find ourselves needing another round for the table. Me and a friend of a friend(girl) make our way up to the bar to bring back some drinks as the rest of the group holds the table for us.

    She gets there first and by the time I make my way up to the bar, a guy is offering to buy her a drink. I slide up next to her to get the bartender’s attention(small bar and getting crowded). The guy engaging with said friend sizes me up and must assume he just tried buying my date a drink, right in front of me. In an awkward foot in mouth situation he buys us both drinks. I offer to buy the next round but at this point he just kind of excuses himself and goes back to his group of friends.

    Same bar but closer to closing time, I find myself trying to get back to the bar for another order. An elderly Irish man had just received a server’s tray of something like 18 shots and was passing them out to a bunch of people near him. I wasn’t really sure what the dynamic of this group was, but he locked eyes and held out a shot glass towards me. I accepted and cheers’ed.

    What was the occasion? Outside of it being St Patrick’s Day, I was hanging out with people better looking than me and bumping into generous strangers. 10 years since and I’ve never gotten a free drink again.

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