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{OUAMS} el tango de roxanne MEP *Mature Warning*

WARNING: Contains Mature moments and Taboo. If you’re not into it, turn away now.
Hosted by: TheEnchantedKiss

Theme: A girl who is a prostitute, has an abusive lover and has a friend that is in love with her.


Part 1-TheEnchantedKiss(Jasmine/Hercules/Meg)

Part 2-spinelli781(Melody/Holli Would/Jim)

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Part 3-gabydu57(Daenerys/Jack/Loki)

Part 4-SciFiVidder(Frollo/Esmeralda/Quasimodo)

Part 5-halfbloodprincesso(Ginny/Severus/Sirius)

Part 6- xxMintoStarxx (Thumbelina/Grundel/Cornelius)

Part 7-MsAnonnomus(Anna/Hans/Elsa)

Part 8-MsAnonnomus(Rose/Anastasia/Sandman)

Song: El Tango De Roxanne
Artist: Cast of moulin rouge


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