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“Only women and children are loved unconditionally. A man is only loved under the condition that he provides something”. – Chris Rock. How much do you guys agree with this quote.

“Only women and children are loved unconditionally. A man is only loved under the condition that he provides something”. – Chris Rock. How much do you guys agree with this quote.

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  1. Like any good joke, there’s a grain of truth to it, but if you think that’s the whole story you’re on the path of gender war extremism just like the people who see fuckin “hegemonic patriarchal masculinity” in the design of a cornflakes box.

    It’s not like every woman gets to be loved unconditionally, either. Some people are incapable of unconditional love, enough that a significant number of people will have to settle for one of them or be alone. Harsh reality but deal with it and cross your fingers.

  2. Depending on the culture there are lots of expectations of what a woman will bring to a union; dowry, status, ability to have children and to be a good cook and house keeper are very traditional. These days she may also be expected to have a job and education. Many men will expect her to maintain herself certain standard physically.

    I don’t think we love anyone unconditionally, even parents can be terrible enough that their kids can’t love them.

  3. I am not sure I believe in unconditional love to begin with.

    Edit: I feel like I should say though, it is a sad thing. And just because it might not exist, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for it.

  4. Attraction isn’t a measure of value, but perceived value. You can be a “good provider” and not win love. You can be a lousy provider and win love.

    Women aren’t loved unconditionally. Most people won’t put up with a terrible woman forever.

    Some people don’t even put up with their kids forever, but the pain tolerance is probably higher on that one.

  5. Are women and children loved unconditionally, though? This myth comes from the notion that they don’t necessarily need to bring as much “material goods” (i.e. income, food, etc.) to the table as men do, but what if the woman or child reneges on their duties as prescribed by their age/gender norms? It’s not unheard of for men to divorce their aging wives for younger women or for parents to neglect their child due to XYZ.

    I’m not sure if unconditional love exists at all (call me cynical if you will). Every single relationship is but a balance between benefits & sacrifices and will break if it’s tipped in one extreme or the other. The feeling of “love” is merely an emotional response that ultimately benefits whomever is doing the loving, and like all emotional responses, cannot exist without a prerequisite “trigger” from the person receiving that “love”.

  6. I think it holds some truth for children, in the sense that children are the ones that are easily more loveable unconditionally. Whether it actually happens every time or not, it’s another matter.

    Women are expected to be loved for physical things such as their youth, beauty, body. And for what they can do for a household (housekeeping, cooking, looking after children). In more progressive places, they may be expected to be educated and/or working.

    There are conditions, though. If the woman becomes less attractive, the love can diminish or cease to exist altogether. Take a woman who gains weight and can’t shed it after pregnancy, or a woman who needs help to keep the house well put (which would be more than understandable), and see how many men are ready to ditch her or complain about her.

    The fact rates for divorces are above average when a woman gets chronically sick, should shed some light on it.

    If a woman’s physical and housing-related worth decreases, the love for her is likely to decrease. That’s not unconditional. There are some conditions that are to be met (be physically attractive and capable of managing a house all by herself). Pretending this doesn’t happen or isn’t true is dishonest.

    Now this doesn’t mean every single man or every single woman will abandon their partner once their perceived value decreases (wealth, health, beauty, strength, mental health, job etc). It’s just that it sometimes happen. Both ways. The quotation is inaccurate and/or unrealistic.

  7. As a man from a culture that is very misogynistic I think the opposite is true really!

    Women and girls in my country are literally abandoned or even killed when they are babies. They are treated as a burden and married of mostly without their consent even. They are fed less than the men in the family to the point of malnutrition and anemia issues really! Boys may be expected to provide but I see even useless boys being pampered as hell by their parents or not controlled by them at least. Heck half of the reason my relationship with my sister was strained because I had better treatment than her by parents ( got the juicier chicken/mutton pieces for instance and I justified it saying that women shouldn’t eat meat much ) and I never saw this clearly until it was late and I tried to make amends.

    Stats even reflect kidney donation. Most donors are women and most recievers are men. Shows how people value men’s life over women !

    I guess the west maybe different but stats don’t reflect this much either ..

    For example..

    This clearly shows that even in the west women are not love unconditionally and may even be loved less than men. Men here claiming to love women unconditionally bla bla, have you like taken care and nurtured a partner/female member ? Or better .. do you even look after your own mothers in old age ? Because stats show that daughters take care of aging parents much more than men. In India 🇮🇳 it’s not daughters but daughter in laws really! Yep! Women are expected to take care of someone else’s mom at expense of her own parents.

    Lot of you young guys may feel otherwise I understand and I was young once too! I hated the extra attention and the dumb simping that really pretty women got but is that the reality for all women? Definitely not ! And most of the places are literal hell for women so !

    Many of you might call me simp but yeah go on! I have faced a lot more shit from dudes to give a fuck now..

  8. Children, maybe. Not all of them by a long shot which sucks.

    Women, nah. The stuff they have to bring to the table is just harder to quantify in dollars and cents.

  9. I agree there is excessive pressure put on men to provide without issue. But just as a man’s worth seems to be in what he can provide financially, women are not loved Unconditionally either.

    They are expected to provide children and unpaid labour in domestic work such as child rearing, cooking and cleaning. They are even expected to bear the burden of emotional labour in a relationship, and are treated as therapists to their husbands and partners.

    It isn’t fair to either party.

  10. The fact that anyone could believe women are loved unconditionally is crazy. Speaks to some real ignorance about the society we live in and how women are treated

  11. Not at all. Not even children are loved unconditionally by their parents a lot of the time and you can look up any thread on this sub about cheating or weight gain to find out just how conditional men’s love for their women are.

    We’re adults in relationships: of course there are conditions. Love and desire aren’t unconditional and that belief is naive as fuck.

    If you want to be loved unconditionally – get a dog.

  12. I don’t agree. There’s times where I can be at my worst, I’m sick, I’m tired, I’m beat down by whatever life had done to me. Even if my wife is currently annoyed over some issue between us, the momment she realizes I have lost all drive / ability to fight becuase where I am physically / mentally, she drops whatever issue we have and gives me nothing but positive support.

  13. Don’t agree with this quote at all. I think he’s pointing towards a cultural perception about men, women, and children. But in the real world there are so many people who break the mold. So many men and fathers are absolutely adored by kids or family or society. Also, like how much of our perception of this is based on western culture and heteronormative culture? Like I bet within gay male relationships they would find this quote much different than a straight man.

    Basically to me it just sounds like the set of assumptions that lead to a boomer joke.

  14. I think it’s pointing to a genuine social tendency to value men based on work, money, assets etc. which does exist and isn’t fair. So there’s a grain of truth to it.

    However, women are not loved unconditionally. Sure, there are some genuinely unfair social pressures put on men and it’s obviously more socially acceptable for a woman to not work or to depend financially on a partner, but it’s not like women don’t have there own list of shit they are expected to bring to the table. The difference is that for women it’s physical attributes, sexuality, “womens’ work” etc.

  15. There’s nothing accurate about this. How about all the statistics showing that a woman getting chronically ill is more likely to be left by a husband than the reversed roles? How about all these female fetuses getting aborted en masse in some parts of the world or even killed as infants solely because of their gender? In some parts of the world there’s a “lavage” of women by millions due to this. What about those instances where a man leaves his ageing wife for a younger woman? The love for a woman is certainly just as conditioned but maybe by less material things. She’s expected to be beautiful, young and care for children and a household.

    I’d say no one is loved unconditional but if it goes in some direction it’s probably more the opposite

  16. I don’t think generalisations like this are ever true.

    There are absolutely cases where a woman will love and care for a man unconditionally, and it’s probably not that rare.

    Also, think about your mothers. I bet most men here have mothers that love them unconditionally.

  17. I’m sure my wife and kids would love me unconditionally, even if I lost my job and went into a depression or something and could no longer provide for them. But there’d be people like my in-laws telling my wife to leave me.

  18. That’s the thought that runs through my head as I bust my ass at work, but I know that my family would love me even if I weren’t providing. I had heart surgery last year and I was overwhelmed with the love that I felt from family and friends.

  19. Some studies have shown that marriage shortens women’s life expectancy but lengthens men. I know that love and marriage don’t necessarily go hand in hand but it does suggest the Chris Rock quote that faintly paints women as leaches who benefit from unconditional love at a higher rate than men doesn’t ring true

  20. Not much, really. Man can be loved by his family unconditionally. First by his parents and siblings if he had them. If he has a wife or kids, they will too. By that point, having a job is expected from an adult in general.

  21. Not at all. I see ridiculous comments like these all the time.

    Just because the guys who post those complains don’t have experience interacting with other human beings doesn’t mean that people think like that. It doesn’t take much to realize it’s not true.

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