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Nightlife recommendations for graduate new to Brisbane?


I’m new to Brisbane but from Melbourne, arriving a week ago to start a new job here, I’m 24 straight out of university into a graduate job. I love a good fri/sat night out and often go out with mates back home, however here I know very few people. I’m looking for a few recommendations on bars/clubs that are busy enough to not stand out being alone but not so packed that its hard to talk to/hear others.

The only time I have recently been to Brisbane I went to the down under bar, which from a quick search of this subbrisbane doesn’t have the best reputation. To be honest, as someone that spent a year backpacking, they tend to be good places to meet others as there are often several people traveling alone, so that may be an option but just branching out and seeing if there is anything else.

Some music would be a plus, at home I normally like a bit of House/Tech house/Dance music when I’m out, but I’d be open to anything really. If there is a Brisbane equivalent to revs let me know!

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