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NEMAS North is back!

For the uninitated, NEMAS North is the Brisbane branch of the New England Medieval Arts Society. We specialise in the reenactment of viking and anglo-saxon england.

With that said, if you’re keen on making your own clothing, tools, weapons, belts, armour, food, and just about any other early medieval stuff then i have the group for you. Once a week some of us even get together to take part in some contact sparring, so even if you aren’t super interested in the historical component and just want to have a bash, we’ve still got your back.

If things go well corona-wise some events are gonna be running next year. So if you sign up now you’ll be just in time to camp out in some canvas tents, cook up a feast over an open fire, have a few drinks from your horn, and if you’re really lucky… Fight in a full realn shield wall.

If any of that sound like your cuppa tea, jump on to the NEMAS North subreddit and facebook page, as well as the main NEMAS page. Thank you for your time folks of Brissy. Stay safe, and farewell

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