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My dudes over 40. How in the hell do ya stop from waking up in the middle of the night to take a leak. It’s driving me crazy!

And yes, I tried not drinking fluids after supper. Did nothing.

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  1. I had this problem in my 20s. Lower your sodium. and sugar intake. Id stop drinking fluids like 3 hours before bed and still woke up alot to pee because I drink tea and pop and ate processed foods and candy bars. Im 30 now and the problems gone unless I get drunk. Or it could be a diabetic/prostate thing. Try the diet first.

  2. Kegels. But seriously, your health >>> pride or nervousness. I had a female nurse as the witness during a recent testicular exam. “Doc was like do you mind a wo…” pants were down balls in hand and I was explaining the issue before he finished the sentence..

  3. I have sleep apnea. Until I was diagnosed and prescribed a CPAP, I used to wake up and pee in the middle of the night. But, after I started using the CPAP, I don’t get up to pee.

    It turns out that many people who get up to pee are waking up because of sleep apnea. Since they’re awake anyway, they go pee. But when they breathe uninterrupted and sleep through the night they don’t get up to pee.

  4. Always check in with your primary care physician about stuff like this.

    Anecdotally, I can tell you that I greatly reduced the number of times I wake up at night when I changed my diet. When I made it a point to not eat past 7pm, keep the alcohol and sugary drinks out of my evening routine, it got so much better. I actually drink water before bed, about 3-4 oz, and pretty routinely sleep from 9:30pm to 5:30am without waking to pee.

    When I do, it’s almost always because I was hanging out with someone and drinking wine later than usual, or it’s a night when I didn’t meditate before bed.

    Take care of yourself. Get checked.

  5. Before panicking and going to medical route just check to see how much you drink before going to bed. A pint of water half an hour before lights out is going to mean you’re going to need a pee at some point in the night.

  6. Welcome to 40, at 50 it’s twice a night at least, at 60 you wake up three or more times… after 70 sometime this stops. Ya sill piss three times a night ya just quite waking up! No seriously it started for me in my 40’s waking up usually once… after 50 it’s at least once… an old friend gave me the advice above.. the old dick…. 🙂

  7. Check your water intake during the day : try to drink 1.5 liter during the day (before 17h).
    During the day, you’ll pee a lot but come evening you won’t be thirsty and you almost won’t have to go pee.
    And then, drink only te minimum during the evening and you may not wake up to go pee during the night.

  8. Anything with caffeine, alcohol or sweeteners in f****s up your kidneys so you pee loads and need loads of water to rehydrate. Cut back on those. Keep well hydrated during the day and don’t drink lots before bed.

  9. In the book ‘Breathe’ by James Nestor, IIRC there’s a part in there where he talks about how nose breathing while sleeping can reduce the need to pee at night, which can be done by taping your mouth closed before going to sleep. Seems weird and a little freaky, I know, but can personally vouch that you won’t suffocate if you try this. Could be an option worth exploring

  10. Depends

    But seriously, go see your doctor, my dude. Better than taking our lousy advice. But if you do what I suggest, then you’d be doing just that. It’s a paradox!

  11. I wake up to pee alot as well at age 34. But I also drink practically all my water in the evening. I’d your not drinking alot of water then this may be an issue.

    Question.. do you pee alot when you wake up? Like is it hefty amount of urine or is it a little bit.

  12. It’s just something I’ve accepted. I will always have to get up around 5am to pee. And it’s not a small tinkle. It’s a near full bladder. I dunno, I guess my kidneys work hard when I sleep.

    I also have this thing where I CANNOT fall asleep if there’s anything in my bladder. Just a way to protect against peeing the bed?

  13. I have exactly this problem and have posted here about as well. Honestly the best thing is what you said you tried (don’t drink after dinner). Also, avoid alcohol and caffeine after midday. Late night snacks are also going to irritate your bladder depending what’s in them. If I avoid these things I only have to get up once, rather than 2-3 times.

    Also this is embarrassing to say but keep a piss container next to your bed.

    There is also medications… I don’t recommend, the one I tried gave me heart palps… f-that. A far more serious approach is to inject botox into your bladder to calm it.

  14. Cut off fluid intake of all kinds closer to bed. Drink all the water you need earlier in the day, but drastically reduce even water about 3-4 hours prior to bed. If that doesn’t help, then talk to your Dr.

  15. Get a checkup at your doctor and let them know you are waking up X number of times per night to pee. It’s very likely a medical issue, or possibly a side effect if f a medication you are on.

  16. Enlarged prostate.

    Super common and genetic. It could be cancer so definitely see a doctor – but for most men it is just enlarged.

    Out of interest – are you balding or have receding hairline?

    Prostate enlargement usually is due to dihydro testosterone, a particular derivative of testosterone madr by the 5 alpha reductase enzyme.

    Some men produce a shit ton more than others due to a gene.

    Hair is usually very sensitive to this and falls out (male pattern baldness).

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