Most states easing restrictions for coronavirus – live news stream

America has taken slow steps to move toward reopening the country after businesses were shut down.




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  1. Coronavirus will be around for 100 years

    6,000,000,000 people will be infected

    800,000,000 people will die from the virus

    Nothing will stop coronavirus

  2. I’m not even mad at these people for wanting to make there money but what’s hard to believe is that people are actually showing up and seated in these places with there whole family, no mask or gloves!!!! It’s just too soon to take your family in a restaurant to dine in it’s just not that serious!

  3. There really is an issue with factories and warehouses here more so than other places, I don't understand why they can't figure out a way to protect their workers better, but I do hope they're paying hazard pay.

  4. Feel like a little too soon to be honest, we should learn how to adapt and make a legit plan , before being thrown back in the ballgame. Especially considering that many are at risk. Although there is a very little chance of the corona virus being deadly, I’d rather know that I’m not putting anyone in danger or making it their last month on earth.

  5. a bar opened in my town,ill refuse to go in with the coronavirus epicenter at a elderly care center outside of town,i looked in the window ppl acting…"what virus" no masks no 6 ft distancing

  6. Why have we done nothing but let them take away our Rights? The Right to make a living? The Right to assemble? The Right to provide for our family? The Right to choose for ourselves? The Right to even think for ourselves? Why have WE given them such power when the power lies with us? Madness, sheer madness. p.s. What happens next time?

  7. flu is way worse, 600,000 worldwide die every flu season (4 or 5 or 6 months/wintry colder months), and no this covid hasn't only been a "few" months, it started worldwide in December, we're now in mid-May, that's 5+ months, and .. allegedly "300,000" deaths worldwide – covid doesn't even come close to the flu, even with their fudged and fluffed numbers…

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