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Men with wives or girlfriends whose weight fluctuates back and forth, what do you really think about it?

Men with wives or girlfriends whose weight fluctuates back and forth, what do you really think about it?

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  1. I’ve told my girlfriend many times, I don’t care if she’s the size of a grain of rice or as large as a planet, I’ll love her no matter what.

    She doesn’t listen, but i tell her

  2. I think that there are different characteristics that are attractive for women of healthy weights. Skinny women are usually tone and have nice definition and flat tummies. Curvy women have nice breasts and feel soft.

    That being said, I don’t find women at unhealthy weights attractive at all.

  3. You think fluctuating weight is an issue?

    My wife has carried a watermelon sized parasite inside her abdomen three times. Two were surgically extracted, one was squeezed out.

    That will change anyone’s body permanently. Things don’t just go back to how they were.

    You don’t stop loving someone just because their body changes a bit.

    I fell in love with her. Not just the size of her ass or stomach.

  4. Wife is training for a bodybuilding competition. Wellness division. Google it. It’s amazing.

    Anyway, her weight fluctuates a good bit and her body composition with it. There are things to love at both extremes and everywhere in between. If she lost control of her health, I’d be turned off, but fluctuations like this are 100% fine with me.

  5. I love her no matter. When she loses weight, I love her body, and when she gains weight I love her body. My love is based on who she is, and any body that is attached to the wonderful human that is my wife is a beautiful body.

  6. My gf has gained weight recently. I understand people change and bodies can change. But tbh it did effect my attraction to her. I still love her, but it certainly has put a damper on things in the bedroom.

  7. One of my biggest worries is that I’ll get married to someone who becomes really overweight later on in life and ends up with no energy and many health problems. This is a pretty valid concern given that this is half or more people ages 45 and up in my country.

    It’s fine for them to err on that side sometimes, but I want my partner to be dedicated enough to fitness that they will be energetic and healthy and mobile in the far off future.

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