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Men with partners who took a while to show there feelings, how did you handle it?

Just had 4-5 dates with this women who I quite like and I’ve communicated this to her. She didn’t really give me a standing on how she was feeling but wanted to see me again. I asked to kiss her on the 3rd date and she said yes! Success.

Saw each other on Wednesday and I slow escalated the touching, hand on back, touching her arm that’s sort of thing anyway We ended up watching a movie that finished late and I asked if she wanted to stay as I would like her too. We just cuddled for the night. In the morning she rolled over and hugged me.

My question is I’ve been the one who’s initiated the the kiss, the hand holding and cuddling minus the hug in the morning, I’ve always been with girls who initiated everything so I’m trying not to take this personally. She hasn’t came to be and gone in for a kiss.
Have you had partners who were a little slower to show affections or have ohhh in a relationship? Any advice for me to just relax and chill.

I want to respect her since she may just have different expectations to what I have and that’s fine

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  1. She could be shy with her feelings or maybe hesitant cause she’s been burned before by going to fast. The thing is, we as humans make everything so complicated. If you kiss her and she kisses you back, it’s good. You reach to hold her hand and she lets you it’s good. Maybe she more submissive and wants a man (you) to chase her or show your affection for her, and overthinking it just makes you miss the fun.

  2. As a woman I have to say, be open but don’t be forceful, which seems to be what you are doing, so good on you for that.

    All women different, just like all men are different, so don’t expect every girl you get involved with to be as forward as the last. Maybe she’s shy, or maybe she likes a man who take initiative on things. If you don’t really like that then she might not be your type. But if you like her, then keep taking the lead. Always ask for her permission, especially if it seems like she doesn’t feel very comfortable. If you kiss her and she kisses you back, you’re good, but the moment you feel like your affection isn’t being reciprocated, then maybe she just doesn’t feel the same. A good rule of thumb is, don’t force anything if she’s not as enthusiastic about it as you are.

    But from what you described, it seems she feels comfortable around you. She might not like you the same way, but she enjoys your company. Just be honest with her. Tell her what you want, ask her how she feels. That’s the only way to know for sure.

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