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Men with longer hair, how did you style it while it was in the process of growing out?

Men with longer hair, how did you style it while it was in the process of growing out?

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  1. Mine was impossible to style, I got curly hair so when it was not yet long enough to be tied up it was a nightmare. In the end for the amount of gasps and jealous stares and comments I got from woman it was well worth it, now it reaches all the way down my back and is really healthy.

  2. I grew it out during covid (still not entirely done but its about up to my shoulders now) worked from home during the day and during the night I worked on my thesis most part of the year. So awkward stage was less of a problem than for other years (without covid).

    Also my sister is a hairdresser so she could fix it when it got really horrible.

  3. Wow a post I can relate to. My hair is almost touching my ass, been growing for 6 years. Hair ties and beanies will be your absolute best friend. I recommend staying away from hats, too much hair loss for my taste. What do I know, I’ve only been growing it for over 6 years.

  4. I grew my hair by accident. Usually I cut my hair few times each year. It just happened that one year I didn’t cut during winter. The dreaded growing out phase was over and I didn’t notice it as I spent most of my time with a hat or hoodie on.

  5. Bandanas, most of the time. I worked in the backcountry so I wasn’t concerned about style, and it helped keep the hair out of my eyes, as well as sweat.

    Then, dreadlocks. That has been my favorite ever since. My hair was mostly straight but really fluffed out, so at some points I looked disconcertingly like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

  6. I have curly hair so at first it was a mess for months until I could tie it back, or have it look good down. I used some product slicked it back with either a head band or I’d wear a lot of hats

  7. I did absolutely nothing and just let it grow. You’ll reach an awkward phase where you look like an emo and have to ‘flip’ your hair out of your eye, but you’ll have to bite through that.

    I have my hair long in 1 length. When i’m at work i wear a tail and when i’m chilling i have it loose.

  8. When I had long hair I usually just wore it down or up in a messy ponytail. I wasn’t great at taking care of myself at that time so I wasn’t great at hairstyling

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