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Men whose mother is still alive, how would your life change if she died?

Men whose mother is still alive, how would your life change if she died?

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  1. I’m 39 my mom turns 70 this year. When she passes things will be odd. She’s been a constant in my life and her being gone isn’t something I’m ready for. I wasn’t ready when my dad passed a few years ago, and I’m still not really over it.

  2. I am 60 years old and my mother passed away eight years ago. I think about her all the time. This past Monday was her birthday so went out to the cemetery over the weekend to spend time with her.

    The hardest part is after your mother does pass away, you have the feeling that you want to spend time with talking to her but then realize she is not there to talk to. I had regularly talked to her in the three years prior to her death as my father had already passed away.

    Everybody handles grieve in their own way so don’t let people push their feelings onto you saying you need to heal in such an amount of time. Keep your memories and feelings in your heart as they are important in the healing process.

  3. My mother was terrible to my brother and me when we were kids, I haven’t spoken to her in a long time and there are a lot of things I’ve never told her about the way that her abuse affected me mentally and emotionally.

    While I can’t say I’d miss her (things have definitely been a lot better since cutting contact with her, and I’m beginning to recover and move towards a healthier life) I do think I would regret not having a chance to say those things to her and get the closure from that.

  4. Im still young (22M) so if my mom were to die Rn. Id honestly be lost in life. My moms points me in the right direction with all my important life decisions even if I don’t always listen. And she just overall keeps the family together. I would honestly fall completely apart if she wasn’t here with me anymore.

  5. Not much. I do have a good bond with her, and yeah I will mourn, cry, miss her when she’s gone, but I don’t think I will live my life much differently without her. I’m 27, fully independent, my life doesn’t revolve around her anymore. I appreciate her and everything, it’s just that nothing would change for me personally if she would be gone tomorrow, other than me being sad about her death.

  6. My mum is my only living blood relative at this moment in time, so that would be extremely hard for me to deal with, not just on the point of losing my mum, but that’s it, that’s the only known person who is biologically linked to me.

  7. I’m 34, my mother is 70.

    She’s a great conversationalist, I call her a few times a week on my 30 minute bike commute. I can bounce ideas off of her and I often walk away with a wider view of the subject we’ve discussed, as does she. When I doubt myself talking to her helps, not because she encourages me but because she asks good questions that makes me see clearly. I feel needed and valued because she enjoys my ideas and input and finds it useful. And she’s the only person who knows about the darkness I’ve been through, which has been long and excruciatingly dark at times.

    When she dies I will lose a great friend and one of the very few people who understands me. I’ve been preparing myself for a few years now and I’ve gotten to a point where I can see a lot of profundity in losing a close parent. It would be ridiculous to say I looked forward to it, but there are parts of the challenge that I’m interested to tackle and see how they change me. As I don’t have any kids of my own, and won’t be getting any, I see losing my parents as one of the most impactful event of my early middle age. I know that I will always carry her with me in spirit, and I will always know that I was a positive part of her late life. I don’t fear having any regrets which make it easier to face the coming challenge head on.

  8. Both mine are still alive. My girlfriend’s (who’s only child) father passed away 2,5 years ago which was hard for her. I think I’d just accept it as it is. I’ve got a very big extended family, so death isn’t unknown. We are pretty cool about it. As others have said, it’s part of life.

  9. Practically, it won’t change much. She lives many states away and I see her a few times a year.

    I’d be upset emotionally, but it wouldn’t really change day to day life.

  10. It wouldn’t end, but it would’ve made my life extremely difficult with my family these last four years alone in another state with people that I permitted to use me and I took her for granted.

    I’m glad things are different now, her heart even improved from being 45% functional to 47% and because of that I now know that I won’t be doing that ever again. She went through a lot and so did I, mom means the world to me which is why I’m going to never take that for granted.

  11. I’m going to lose a close friend, I’m going to have extreme issues with my mentally incapable sister, I’m going to have to talk to my incredibly self centered older brother. It’s going to suck badly and it’s going to happen any day now.

  12. I don’t know how I’d handle it. At all.

    We don’t have a particularly ‘close’ relationship. She’s there if I need her, but I’m one of 7 kids (the oldest being 32, the youngest being 9, I’m 30) so we all learned to be pretty independent. I moved 200 miles away from home at 18 and just returned to my city last summer. While I was away I saw my family once, maybe twice a year.

    If something happened to her any time soon I would probably hate myself for being away for so long and that would take a long time to get over. I’d also resent those of my siblings who are currently not in speaking terms with her (a side effect of a big family is very complicated and ever changing relationship dynamics). But I know it would break then too so there would be a huge part of me trying to support them despite that resentment.

    She’s also a very big mother figure to my SO who had a very toxic upbringing. I honestly don’t know how it would affect her and therefore our relationship.

    Mum. Don’t fucking go anywhere. (She’s only 51 and in good health).

  13. It wouldn’t change the way I live, but it would send me into a state where I’m easily disturbed and angered. I’ve always had questionable mental health, I’m very high strung. I know that I’ll be worse than usual for the months following my mother’s death.

    My father didn’t pay much attention to me and my siblings, and when he did, we could have done without it. We were practically raised by our mother alone.

  14. My parents are awesome and it’d be a bummer for sure, but It’s not like I’d shut down.

    Death is a part of life and I’d miss her and shit,, but it’s not like It’d devastate me or wreck my life. People who would react like that are fucking unstable or Are looking for some “woe is me attention”

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