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Men who quit smoking, do you have any advice on how can I stop thinking about a cigarette?

I’ve tried to quit for a long time but smoking is always on my mind. Unfortunately, I associate it with a lot of daily things, like: after I had a food/coffee/payed a game, when I’m on a walk… and list goes on. Once I think about a cigarette, I just can’t say no. Is it that my will to quit is not strong enough?

Edit: Thank you for all the support, I will implement some of your advices and hopefully quit before 2021. I will keep you posted ♥️

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  1. Nothing you can do will stop you from thinking about them. All you can really do is distract yourself or try to steer the thought pattern into the reasons you are quitting and overcoming the cravings. Good luck!

  2. Like others have said, you’ll think about smoking the rest of your life. It’s the price of taking that first awesome yet regrettable puff.

    I’ve quit for years.. smoked for years.. quit.. started again. Coming up on three months smoke free again, and I think about smoking a couple times a week.

    Focus on the money you’re saving not smoking.. the ways your body will begin to repair itself.. how good you and your clothes will smell. Download a stop smoking app.. it’s a visual reminder and really helps.

    Also I stock up on minty toothpicks, and chomp away while driving or other activities where lighting up was a go to. Once the nicotine is out of your system it gets easier. Good luck!

  3. yes i think your will isn’t strong enough. I did not stop smoking but i know deep down in my heart that i won’t until i really want to and i think as soon as someone hits that point of desperation there’s nothing you need additional like vape or hypnotherapie

  4. What worked for me was drinking a liter of water when the cravings hit. The cravings are very powerful yet short in duration. Also, you’ll want to create new habits, which will take time. I read somewhere once that a pack-a-day smoker raises their hand to their lips 5000 times a month. That’s a strong habit to break!

    Another reason it’s so hard to quit is chemical dependency. You’re strong enough to get through this and go easy on yourself if you fail from time-to-time.

    Good luck to you!

  5. I quit smoking 19 years ago, and I want one right now. But I won’t do it, I’m so happy I quit.. but I want one. When the thought occurs, I force myself to think of something else, and it passes.

  6. I found that I restricted my smokes to the ones that I felt were necessary. There will be some that you can drop easier than others
    I used to have one every time I left the house, after a game, after food, after/with coffee, before bed etc
    I realised that the only ones i felt were necessary were after food and with coffee, that immediately halved my smoking without any effort whatsoever. The smokes you have out of habitual addiction are significantly easier to loose as you dont actual feel the need for the nicotine, youre just used to doing it.
    Also get a vape, each time you feel an urge you can have a few pulls and it does go.

    Once you have limited the smokes to “essential” smokes only, I then suggest you keep a record of smoking. Keep track of the number you smoke a day and never make that number go up. Say you’re having 10 a day. Keep it as 10 max each day until you feel completely comfortable with that ten and dont feel you need anymore. Then, once you’re finding 10 to be enough for a day, drop it to 9. Rinse and repeat.

    I am now currently only smoking twice a day, one with coffee after breakfast and the other after dinner. I vape whenever I feel the need and its been really easy, I never feel like im struggling with it. It has taken me around 6 months, which is a long time, but I feel as though its the best way to do it. Not only because im smoking less and aiming toward quitting, but because I now do not have an interest in smoking more than I do, I dont feel the need for my cigs and I have changed my mindset around smoking completely and will never increase as I’ve trained myself to not even want more. I hope within the next 2 months I will be completely cigarette free.

  7. Woman who quit smoking here. All you can and have to do is wait till you don’t want it anymore.

    Of course it helps to distract yourself, hobbies and all that, find a new thing to do that is not accociated with smoking so it doesn’t make you think about it.

    The time varies for everyone but be patient. You will thank yourself every day for that. First you want it, then you crave for it, then want it when you smell it, then you only want it when you’re drunk (so maybe drink less while you’re waiting), then you don’t want it, then you feel sick if you smell it and that’s it, you did it. Maybe those stages will help you as they will show you how far you are from being completely free.

    Just be strong, if I could do it, you can too.

  8. Former smoker here.

    Never. You’ll never stop thinking about it. Just like alcohol or heroin, you are an addict for life. You may think of them *less* as time passes, or less urgently, but this is something you have to be actively ready to say “nope” to from this point on.

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