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Men who once thought they would never have girlfriends.What happened?

Men who once thought they would never have girlfriends.What happened?

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  1. Worked out, ate better. By 23 I was a much finer specimen. Women stopped getting that awkward ‘thats so sad, now I have to let him down gently’ face when I asked them out.

  2. Back in highschool I was sure I would never have a girlfriend, and I accepted that. One day I told a female friend that her friend was cute, and she hooked us up. Still one of the worst decisions of my life.

  3. I pretty much fell into relationships. Every girlfriend I had started as a regular friend first then escalated. Dating sites never worked for me, blind dates, etc. Just a feeling that I liked a particular friend more, asked, and went from there. The only real exception is my wife. She was pretty forward and let me know her feelings the first time we met ( had been friends online for years prior)

  4. I’m writing this from my current perspective, hoping for the future.

    Probably realized that I am a catch and realized I have to actively look/approach women instead of hoping she’ll drop in my lap without dealing with the pain of rejection.

  5. I had pretty much assumed that I just wasn’t that likeable, had some terrible self esteem issues. Then one day a new coworker that I had helped trained, walked up, gave me her phone number and left without saying anything, I was confused, and my mind went wild for that whole day. Turned out she was just giving me it to trade shifts and stuff, but we both got to talking and I started to really like her. After about 3 months or so, she asked if I liked anybody that we worked with, and after I said yes, she wouldn’t stop asking me about it until I told her who. We went on a date, 1 month later we became officially bf/gf, and the next month I proposed and she actually accepted. Been together for 3 years now, got married last year. I’m 100% sure if she hadn’t badgered me for a week straight to find out who I liked, none of the last three years would’ve happened lol

  6. I think I went through a phase of this between 14-17 ish. Eventually I just accepted it and let go of any anger I had about it, and focused on my hobbies, my studies and my friends while remaining active and social. Turns out that doing that meant that I was no longer coming off as heaps needy to women, and after a while of just enjoying myself without the pursuit of women I noticed that various women were always finding reasons to be around me and asking me for help etc. I wasn’t afraid of rejection any more (because I was so satisfied in the rest of my life) and found that making moves on these women resulted in pretty much a 100% success rate.

    It was a very important lesson. I enjoyed dating, I enjoyed the company of women, but I didn’t *need* them to be happy. Turns out they’re very attracted to men like that.

  7. I still don’t have one, but no longer put pressure on myself to get one.

    Think of it this way: if you were a girl, would you go out with you? My answer is no. Cos’ girls can easily get men who are better than me.

  8. I stopped putting all my efforts into being liked by random women on social media or dating sites. Eventually I realized they didn’t really represent me as a person and just kind of went about talking to new people in real life and making a real connection. IMO the girls I eventually dated liked be based on a real-life first impression not my highlights from some app.

  9. I’m over 40 and it still hasn’t happened. So far I just haven’t run into a girl I liked that liked me back. I’ve gone back and forth thinking it will happen and will never happen. I can’t say it will definitely never happen but I honestly don’t think it will.

  10. learned how to dress properly, started lifting, the rest sort of fell into place.

    no matter how ugly you think you are, you would be 1000x better looking if you were healthy, strong, and dressed with a bit of effort.

  11. I have never considered myself truly attractive. I am just physically decent. What could have changed is confidence in myself. I will explain to you why.

    Met a girl who was really interested in me at 18, (currently 21). We had a relationship for 2.5 years. Then I met a girl at 20, she was really interested in me and not to be cocky but she was 27 and had all that a girl might want. (She had a car, a house, and was financially stable). Finally, I met a girl a couple of months ago and we have been talking since then. After noticing this, I thought: “Well, I am not Brad Pitt but I must have something that may be attractive to a smaller group of girls.” LOL

    In conclusion, even though in the past or present you do not think of yourself as an attractive person there is always someone that might think you are.

  12. It’s great! I have 97 girlfriends. The only drawback is that they’re all cows. Not just cow-like, they’re all literally cows. They’re also all underage, but let’s not split hairs.

  13. A girl kept calling me with a friend or two (this was back when group phone calls were a thing). Then she kept calling me alone. Then we started to hang out. Eventually she put my hands on her boobs during a group sleepover. Eventually she slipped her hands into my pants. Eventually we were consistently hanging out and making out. Eventually she blew me.

    Eventually she expressed her discontent that we were hanging out and making out but weren’t “dating”. I didn’t think it mattered. It’s not like I was hanging out or making out with anyone else – I just didn’t want to be labeled as an item. She persisted and eventually I gave in.

    The blowjobs dried up. The booby stuff dried up. The making out dried up. But on the plus side, now I got to take her out on dates (and pay) and help her with her homework (no choice in the matter) and deal with her emotional manipulation (sometimes my family got to watch!)

    Took about 2 years to get out of that.

    Next relationship was much better.

  14. Somehow got asked out by one. Didn’t last long at all (shocker), but we went out a few times, had fun together, and didn’t end on bad terms. We still say hi when we see each other but that’s about it.

    If you’re asking this because you’re giving up yourself, don’t worry. The right one will come.

  15. I got a GF….

    Seriously tho I just clicked with a girl at the gym when I was like 14. As time went on I developed a bit of a charm. So while I wasn’t that good looking I still had a few GF’s here and there.

    You just got to make them laugh.

  16. I fell into a depressed slump thinking this way in the summer after my freshman year of high school. I’d spent a bunch of time lonely and on 4chan and had internalized the mindset.

    What snapped me out of it was suddenly remembering that I had, in fact, had a girlfriend for a little while in 8th grade. I had already had a girlfriend and I was so depressed my mind was just playing tricks on me and making me forget.

  17. Had this thought when I was going into my last year of high school. Was just defeated overall. But then one day, at homecoming, I realized, why not? What did I have to lose? And got off the wall and started talking to these two blondes nearby. Ended up hitting it off with one of them and started dating a few months later.

  18. I missed almost every hint she was dropping even tho I liked her a lot until one day she just said “I really like you and want to date” and I said I feel the same way and we’ve been together 15 months now

  19. i evolved. from 18yo to 23yo, it’s a whole different change. it happened around at 19-20yo. when I showed some of my friends the “before” picture, they said that I must have entered a witness protection program. otherwise they can’t explain the change.

  20. Declared my intentions, went with her on a work trip, showed how much I cared, was met with a positive response by the time the trip ended (1 week). It went all south from there. I thought she was a fussy eccentric. She turned out to be a mundane psycho.

  21. I started going swing dancing with a group of friends. One of them brought his coworker to dance one night, and she ended up asking me out about a year later after we got to know each other.

  22. I’m not sure what I think these days. But until my early 20’s I was convinced it would never happen, and that it was the key to my happiness. Then I randomly met a girl through a hobby, had a torturous 6 month “mutual orbit”-phase and a very educational 1.5 year relationship. I exited with new ideas about my boundries and expectations, and that getting laid does not mean being sexually fulfilled. With all that, meeting someone again somehow seems even less likely, even though I look somewhat better, and have better social skills and a prestigeous (if not very well compensated) career. But who the hell knows.

  23. Worked on myself, re-evaluated and thought hard about what I want, set realistic standards and stopped trying so hard.

    Started reading books more, practicing listening to understand not to respond and stop expecting things to happen after dates but to just enjoy the date while I was there.

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