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Men who like to cook and live alone, how do you keep from getting fat on your own supply?

I made an apple pie last night and its already gone.

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  1. I think it’s really nice that you cook for yourself! Do continue, I cheer for you 🙂

    As to your question: maybe putting a part of it in the freezer? Offering to family, friends, colleagues?

    Best of luck with your cooking!

  2. A combination of genetics, willpower, and charity. I get commissioned to bake pies/macarons or donate them for bake sales. Ill also bring stuff into work to share.

    When cooking, I make single servings or have people over to share. The servings I make are on the small side so I can keep an athletic build without having to workout. People are shocked when I tell them how often I eat pasta without exercising at all.

  3. If I’m craving something like a pie, I’ll cut off a slice or two for myself and then package the rest to give away to friends… even during the pandemic, I’ll just drop off leftovers for them (especially my single friends who I know don’t cook)

    Had a craving for baked ziti this week, and instead of making a giant tray for myself, divided it into 3 smaller pans and gave the other two away.

  4. I cook healthy things.

    Being vegan helps, being doing it for 7 years.

    Although I’ve gotten just as chubby on a vegan diet, I can cook some mean vegan pastas with meatless meatballs and some pretty rich chocolate chip cookies.

  5. I try to limit myself completely to things I cook from scratch. I typically crave food when I’m feeling lazy or tired so having to put effort into making food is a surefire way for me to curb my own appetite.

    It’s also a good way to get yourself to experiment and cook fancier/heathier things, too. One of my staples nowadays is Shakshuka, which is all veggie with only a little carb.

  6. Basically eat only things that were available to cavemen. Meat, fish, veggies, fruit, nuts….if you cut out processed foods (almost all have tons of processed carbs.) No pasta, no bread, no candy…sounds like a boring life, but get rid of the pounds you want to and maybe add in a treat once a week. It sounds hard, but it really isn’t if you drop the bad foods for 2 weeks. It becomes a new habit.

    Also don’t beat yourself up if you weigh yourself every day or 2 and have gained a pound or two.

    A question was asked one time on FB… “what was the day you decided to make a major change?” …. I had no idea what day it was, but I remembered the moment. I was walking into the grocery store and decided I was not going to buy unnatural foods for myself. I had made up my mind and dropped an average of a pound a week for a year

    Good Luck!!!

  7. Never snack. Eat three meals a day and nothing in between. If you start to gain weight, clear your house out of anything unhealthy because if it’s in the house, you’ll probably eat it.

    Exercise at least an hour a day.

  8. Make the healthy stuff tase good. I fucking love garlic and onions. So I put it on everything. And you know eating more that usual of your own food isn’t that bad because it’s very healthy for you.

  9. Protein shake. I’ve just started on it and it’s a revelation. I tried it about 10 years ago and it tasted rank. This time it’s almost exactly like a banana milkshake, 200 calories a pop and locks up hunger for hours and hours. I usually have mine about 9pm when I start getting peckish and would usually snack on really unhealthy things. Now I have a 200 calorie shake and totally forget about eating.

    Not affiliated at all, but I don’t know how other brands taste, I get mine from the protein works.

  10. I struggle with this a lot currently. I have just moved out from my parents for the first time to live alone and I love cooking and baking mostly. It’s hard to not make yourself pancakes at 10 pm just because you can and there’s nothing stopping you.

    I gave myself a sort of “Fuck it” trial period till the end of the year when I can fully enjoy it and don’t care. I know I will probably gain some weight but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. From the new year I will get back to my usual routine I set for myself when I was losing weight last year – I don’t eat sweet at all except for one time a month when I bake myself something really special, a new recipe or something challenging and difficult. I surprisingly don’t really miss it because I always look forward for the next time.

  11. Well … I’ve had an eating disorder and a thing similar to relapse when I was poor and ate so little that everything that makes me sick even in small amounts.

    Instead of making me not want to eat, it makes me eat a shit ton. I eat nothing most of the week out of illness but then eat a $50 takeout alone in one night. If not for being ill I would probably do this every night.

    What stops me is “I am literally turning my money and therefore my time into ACTUAL FUCKING VOMIT.”

    Change “vomit” to “shit” and you have the truth for most people.

    Think … would you rather spend a few hours engaging in a loved hobby, or spend 10 minutes shitting out another 10 minutes of mostly-wasted pleasure from the night before?

    And I mean 10 fuckin’ minutes. I can have a 14 inch pizza gone in 10 minutes if it tastes good enough.

  12. For baked goods (pies and cobblers mostly), I freeze them immediately. After frozen, I cut them into proper portion sizes, and store in the freezer. That way I have to dig them out, microwave them, and it becomes a whole process.

    Match that with the discipline to only pull out a single server, I fail 20% of the time, and it has helped a lot.

  13. Start buying small appliances and cookware, probably too late for you now but pay this forward to younger siblings/cousins or friends. A single males first pan should be a three to six inch not a 6-12 inch fryer. You can buy small format glass pie “tins”, small format ramekins, other small format bakeware. A body building trick for portioning and baking multiples at once is using muffin trays.

    Also directions on how to scale recipes precisely:
    Every published recipe will have the number of servings on it, get the nutrition Information and divide it to your desired amount of calories, calculate how many servings that is, and scale the recipe by only making that many servings for yourself (example: if you want 60 grams of protein and assorted other macros you’re not tracking. You know youre gonna want about 200 calories worth of this recipe based off the nutritional facts, which comes out to 3 servings off the label . The recipe as written makes 12 servings, so divide every ingredient by 4 When prepping ingredients and you’ll make the perfect amount.)

  14. If I’m cooking it’s either enough for just one meal, or plenty where I can put the leftovers into tupperware and use it for several meals throughout the week.

    What I struggle with is eating too much junk food if it’s available in the house, because there’s no one else who is helping to eat through it. The best remedy for that is to just not buy junk food so it’s not available, or only buy it once a month to get the craving out of your mind.

  15. 1. work out

    2. Dont eat carbs late at night

    3. chicken+Veggies are your friends! (protip grill them both, in the same pan so they taste alike, mhhh <3

    4. mealprep for a week if youre lazy, asian food tastes great if you warm it back up 😀 so learn to cook asian food f you like that kidne of couisine

  16. I limit my portions. I learned I used to eat for pleasure, gobbling up loads of delicious everything. Then I realized I should be eating for nourishment fist, enjoyment second. I ;learned I could eat better foods, limit my portions and still enjoy the meal based on flavor and the fact that it was making me healthier, not sicker.

  17. I don’t make apple pies.

    I also don’t keep sugar or anything with added sugar in the house.

    I also try to walk 10k steps a day and built a power rack in my garage and make sure to lift on the regular.

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