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Men who like, or don’t like having facial hair/body hair, why?

Men who like, or don’t like having facial hair/body hair, why?

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  1. I personally feel gross with anything more than stubble on my face as the dark hair adds to the double chin. I have always been hairy and I back wax but I keep my front maintained because full shave is too much work. Single and not really dating. I think if a women ran her fingers through it, it would be sexy. Don’t want a full forest but don’t want a full desert.

  2. I don’t like body hair or facial hair, but I hate the feeling of shaving with a razor so I leave the hair and only use a razor to shave around my mouth and use an electric buzzer to get my facial hair down to stubble.

  3. I have a baby face. I get asked for my ID whenever I have a clean cut.
    I have been growing my beard for the past 4 years. Looks incredibly good on me.

    In regards to body hair, I’m fine with most of it but then again it doesn’t grow that much. I have minimal hair on my back and arms and average hair on chest and legs. I hate the armpit hair though. I shave it every week because it’s so gross.

  4. I’m in my 40s —

    **Facial hair -**- I don’t mind a little scruff and my SO likes the feeling of a little it so I usually go 2ish days between shaves. More than a few days of scruff and I always feel like my face isn’t clean for some reason and then there’s the fact that its a little uncomfortable to shave it when it gets longer.

    **Body hair -**- I’m not super hairy in general, but body hair I keep well trimmed but not clean shaven; except my..umm..berries which are smooth shaven…. Why? Because I liked the amount of natural body hair I had in my mid-twenties and don’t like the additional hair that has grown or grown longer hair as I got older; so I try to keep things in check. Secondarily — I don’t want to be ‘that old guy’ with ratty scraggly body hair everywhere — But that’s just my hangup. 😉

  5. Facial Hair tends to get itchy when it gets really long and time consuming to completely remove if I let it go too long so I’ve gotten into the habit of getting rid of it as soon as I notice it start to bother me.

  6. it sucks, every time I take my clothes off the bathroom floor get a new carpets worth of body hair and having a beard is cool in the beginning but it evolves into a chore and is one I can’t hide cuz is my face and people will judge me for not doing it.

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