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Men who have never found love in life, what makes life worth living for you?

Men who have never found love in life, what makes life worth living for you?

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  1. After work I got some coffee, went to the gym, took my dog out for a walk and got some nachos for dinner. Now Im on brisbane watching random youtube videos while I eat dinner. Pretty good night.

  2. I don’t define myself by others in general. I try to be happy with who I am as a person. Not saying I don’t want to get married one day just that my life doesn’t revolve around that. If it happens and it makes my life better, that’s great. If it doesn’t happen that’s fine too.

  3. Why do you say it like love is the only thing that makes life worth living.

    Making life worth living could be adding value to the world, helping others, grinding that hot summer body, or just having a blast with friends.

    Life is not just love, it’s career, money, friends, hobbies, love, health

  4. We aren’t defines by being in a relationship. Just like we aren’t defined by what job we do or if have ever found the most comfortable shoes or tasted the best wine in the world. If your goal is singularly focussed I would wonder if they get as much joy out of life as others.

  5. My nieces and nephews

    My cousins’ kids

    I love being Uncle Lastcallface

    There is so much art to consume

    I love meeting up with my mom and dad. My mom and I put a lot of work getting to a good place, she’s one of my best friends. My dad miraculously survived covid, every visit is a blessing

    And I haven’t given up hope. Roger Ebert was 53 when he got married for the first time. Maybe I need to wait another 20 years before I find a widow and now I’m a grandpa even though I never had kids. I’m going to buy those kids so much hard candy.

  6. I’ll tell you when I find out mate lmao.

    Lots of other commenters explain why they’re not committing suicide, and I have plenty of those, but imo reasons not to commit suicide don’t make life worth living.

    I try to remind myself on days when I’m down like this that my “deep” sadness is just a dumb hormonal imbalance; and if I’m really, truely happy some day, that will also be a dumb hormonal imbalance.

    I’m not trying to chase some inherent source of joy or will to live, I don’t believe in nirvana.

    Love would be nice though.

  7. Finding that single moment where I can forget my problems.

    Whether it’s video games, working, a movie or show…

    Anything just to escape reality and the loneliness for a while.

  8. I have a little brother who looks up to me. I couldn’t do that to him. If I can live long enough to see him turn into a good man that’s all I care about. I don’t want to see him make the same life ruining mistakes I’ve made.

  9. It’s true that I have never known romantic love and that’s a shame but my life isn’t worse because of it. Me myself am an avid climber, hiker and traveler I work hard to be able to afford such things. I like my job, I like my friends, I like some people in my family.
    I am as happy and content as I’ve ever been just because I am living my best life (in my own defenition) maybe I am just a latebloomer when it comes to love maybe it will add an extra layer of top of my happiness but I do not need the passion for or from someone else to feel happy. Right now all the passion and positive energy I have comes from hanging from cliffsides, standing on snowy peaks, seeing the world and when I get home I know I have some of the best, funniest people in the world are waiting for me, beer in hand.

  10. If you only find life worth living because of something external, you’re gonna have a bad time.
    No girl, hobby, or job is going to “make life worth living”
    If you’re trying to do that, you’re never going to find it and you’re going to blame everything but your own expectations.

    Life itself is worth living, even at it’s hardest.

    This idea that you need some person to stay by your side otherwise you don’t want to live is fucking insane.

  11. Ive found the love of my life but even if i didnt life would still be worth living. If you need one person to make your life valuable then you really need get value from elsewhere before you meet that person. Hobbies, family work and other interests should make life worth living not just the of your life.

  12. I went through so many shitty stuff in my life it would be shame just to give up. Sometimes it feels as if this world is trying to get rid of me in very creative ways (including two nearly fatal traffic wrecks, shitty childhood, mental issues now in adult life, etc.).

    And you know what? Going head on just out of spite towards this imaginary force and actually wining over it is a major drive beceause it feels great. Guess I just like the nightmare difficulty.

  13. time with friends and family means a lot to me now more than ever. I consider having a significant other a burden at this point in my 20 years of living. I could be wrong- very wrong, even. however, i’m naturally a bitter person and have been done wrong numerous times so other men’s mindsets could be way different and that’s okay.

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