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Men who have/have had a significant other, how is life when you have one?

Lonely guy here. Never been on a single date in my entire life. I just want to know how it is.

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  1. Had several, long term and short term. Life is generally better with a partner, if the relationship is good it just adds to your own happiness. Every relationship is work, but if you find the right one the the work doesn’t seem hard and life only gets better.

  2. I’ve been married for 10 years dated for 3 before that. Married Life is chaotic and frustrating, a mix of happiness and inconvenience. But I wouldn’t give her up for anything. We enjoy many of the same things, and have similar views on things. her family is batshit crazy though. At this point we basically stay in touch with her mom and no one else. Her dad was a convicted child molester who got parkinson’s and couldn’t take care of himself. I wasn’t a fan of his from day 1 before the truth had even come out. He’s no longer a problem as he died from suicide on Thanksgiving. So yeah some stuff can really suck. I think it really depends on who you find and really knowing them. I enjoy my life and rarely ever get into an argument with my wife and we have never been in a yelling match with each other. So long as you can find someone you can respect who will respect you back you’ll be good. And don’t settle for less than that.

  3. It’s good. Always has been. Stop trying to find some illusion of a GF and ask some average woman out for a date. Try listening to her instead of telling her about all of your self-diagnosed flaws.

    Go with the expectation of company for the evening and not sex or a relationship.

    Repeat if you like her or ask a different one out next time.

    Eventually one will stick.

  4. It depends on the relationship and person. I’ve had a total of four relationships now, two of them being bad and the other two being good (one of them being my current one).

    If you’re compatible with the person and you both respect each other and make time for each other, you’re going to have a good time together. As cliche as it is to say, when you’re with the right person you simply know.

  5. The initial stage, before the relationship began, where she and I got to know each other, flirted with each other, and went on bunch of dates, was the most exciting part.

    Then, the honeymoon phase, during the first year of my relationship with her, was the happiest part.

    Now, we’ve been living together for more than 3 years. She knows me more than anyone does, so she gives me feedback on me, whether it be good or bad, which helps me be self-aware.

    She is also from a different country, totally different environment, different family, different background, etc, and she is the type of person I used to never hang out with, in the past, so it’s eye-opening and humbling.

    Overall, being with her makes me grow and keep an open mind.

  6. Always a catch 22. It’s better to be single than in a terrible relationship that you don’t feel connected in.

    Its work. It really is, you have to be willing to sacrifice and work together in order for it to work and this seems to be even more difficult in today’s world where there seems to be a lot of selfish people out there (both men and women).

  7. Been with my wife about 10 years. I would say we have a strong healthy relationship. Alot of our interests cross and we choose to spend time with each other after work everyday which is always a good feeling. We also have a kid so he kind of dictates our afternoon and weekend activities to an extent, but he is smart and damn is he funny. My dude is 2 and learned to pillow fight one day, then he took it to the next level yelling “mommy I’m coming for you” and when offered a snack he simply said “no, I’m still fighting”–I about peed my pants laughing at both of these statements. The Lil guy is 100% gas so he can take alot out of you and having my wife to help with times I need 5 is huge.

    All in all I have always believed that a good relationship helps you attain goals faster/better than you can on your own while also providing more enrichment to your life. After 10 years I still feel this as my professional and personal goals (as well as hers) have been met and surpassed during our relationship.

    OP, good luck finding your happiness my guy. Be patient and be yourself (and participate in some outgoing activities that align with your interests) and your friendships and relationships will sort them. selves out

  8. Being in a relationship with the right person offers a level of stability and safety that you can’t achieve on your own. My quality of life went way up and it taught me many things, she definitely helped me mature emotionally. Suffering through and trying to make it alone is a mindset I was stuck in for so long, now having the right partner it feels like I’m playing life on easy difficulty.

    With the wrong person you feel trapped and irritated. Most relationships I’ve have made me feel this way, mainly because I was pressured into a relationship with someone I only wanted to have sex with. You lose your freedom and peace.

  9. didnt live up to the hype. i’m not very social to begin with, so it probably never stood a chance with me. still hoping it could be better with someone who i actually enjoy being with. if it’s half as good as going out with my friends, i’d be content.

  10. Riddled with anxiety and stress, simply put.

    Aside from the stress and anxiety the costs are exorbitant and sex should wait until marriage. There are actually a few reasons I say that. 1. Religion. 2. It’s horrible. 3. It’s proof that she is the right one if she is willing to wait.

    There is a problem though, if she is willing to wait then it could be that she simply doesn’t care for it and will refuse even if you ask after being married or that she will get it elsewhere.

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