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Men who have had a FWB- how did it go for you? Are you still friends?

Men who have had a FWB- how did it go for you? Are you still friends?

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  1. I’ve had like 30 FWBs.

    Most of the ones that caught feelings (either me for her or her for me), we’re no longer friends.

    But there are about 2 girls I caught feelings for, we took a break, I got over it, we’re no longer FWBs, however, we became really really close friends.

    As for most of the rest… they kinda just faded out. But it’s the same thing that happens with normal regular friends.

  2. They have ended in various ways from amicably to drama filled. The only one I am still in regular contact with is a girl I’ve known for years at this point. Every year or two it seems like we have a week where we circle back and fuck each other. Then we go back to being friends.

  3. I’ve had a lot of them. Communicate openly, transparently, and honestly, and they will remain friends long after she passes the benefits to someone else.

    Don’t get jealous, and treat people with respect. It’s gold when you do it right.

  4. I had a couple when I was younger, and they both wanted it to evolve into a serious relationship, but I just wasn’t ready for that. Looking back, I really kind of regret letting one of them go.

  5. I not only worked with the girl I had as a FWB, but…at one point we both slept with the same girl. The three of us worked together for, about a good year and a half. At one point, the FWB and I decided that we could keep our thing going while having other FWBs. So, fast forward a few weeks later. I’ve got my FWB over, and we’re hanging out. I get a text from this girl I work with, and the FWB sees the name. Without hesitation, she’s like, “You two are hooking up, too?” I paused and, at first I thought FWB was angry, but…no. She proceeded to text this coworker on her phone, and before you know it, the FWB is showing me some spicy photos on her phone those two took together. We all stayed friends until we found out the coworker we both hooked up with had this thing where she would use explicit photos and texts as a way to keep people roped into being with her.

  6. The f in fwb was never that strong anyway. We went at it for about a year, then it slowly fizzled out. I’d say we are still acquaintances on about the same level as before. So nothing changed there

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