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Men who have experienced trauma, what are some easy ways your SO can do to help you work through the trauma?

Men who have experienced trauma, what are some easy ways your SO can do to help you work through the trauma?

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  1. Helping a person work through trauma is neither simple nor safe– even professional therapists try not to engage with trauma processing unless they are specifically trained for it. If you feel your partner needs to work through his trauma, suggest that he see a psychologist who specializes in trauma, and you can offer to help him find one if he wants that help.

    That being said, there are lots of ways to support a loved one with trauma that don’t involve helping him to work through it. Offer emotional support and a listening ear; help to remove excess stressors and trauma triggers from his day-to-day life; be patient and understanding; but above all keep yourself safe and get any help that you need in order to stay mentally healthy. Good luck.

  2. I understand you can feel stuck and want to help them from the bottom of your heart but as someone who has trauma, has had people try to help and has tried to help others out of my own naivety. You’re not qualified to work them through that. You can support them and be there for them but they need to talk to a professional

  3. I don’t really have my SOs help with my trauma. It’s my trauma and if I’m being honest, I’d rather get help from a professional therapist or psychiatrist. It’s nothing against them, it’s just I don’t want to weigh my shit onto them. Nor do I want to have them look at me like some wounded animal.

    I normally tell them that I may have an issue with sex. Usually it’s just letting them know, “hey I might pause during sex or intimate times. I may also ask you to stop and I just hope you understand that.” I’ve only had one instance where I had to physically throw my ex off of me because she couldn’t hear me. That was scary. But it worked out in a way.

  4. Let him talk it out if he wants to… if you seeing him hurting, hug him. Don’t tell him to see a psych, you’ll come across as uncaring. (Or that you don’t want to deal with what he’s going through) Just be there for him man

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