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Men who have cheated on a spouse or significant other, why did you do it?

Men who have cheated on a spouse or significant other, why did you do it?

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  1. Surprisingly, this is something I’ve never done.

    I used to think I never, ever, ever could – but having seen it happen to people I know, I am wary of “never say never”.

    All it can take is a dead bedroom or a low spot in a relationship combined with someone else showing someone interest for the very first time in years. Especially in women. The husband’s settled and prefers the couch and football – she’s being flirted with by someone who makes her feel desirable, tingly and special for the first time in years.

    Can happen.

    I’m not saying people who get cheated on deserve it. And yes, there are many scumbags out there who just simply do not take any vows of fidelity of any kind seriously. But there’s a lot of people who aren’t getting their needs met who will eventually find someone else to fulfil them.

    In other cultures, they teach both sexes a sexual relationship is something you genuinely need to work on and keep alive.

  2. Never cheated because it ruined my childhood but a friend of mine cheat a lot on his partners. His main problem is that he go into a relationship with anybody that is interested in him without paying much attention to the person herself. He ended up being unhappy everytime and cheating with the next person that show interest in him.

  3. I cheated on my then girlfriend with my now wife.
    I had already realized that I wasn’t in love with my girlfriend for a while but I was really interested in this other girl.
    Me and the other girl was at a party, got drunk, and stuff happened! When I got home from the party I called my girlfriend and broke up with her, I was a coward and told her that I didn’t feel like I had time with this relationship cause she lived a pretty far away and I had just gotten a new full time job. I don’t know why I didn’t just break up with her when I realized I didn’t like her.

    Anyways I got together with the other girl about a month later and now we’ve been together for 13 years, married, have a house and waiting our first kid.

    The first girl thought it was weird that I didn’t have time for a relationship but got together with my now wife. She also got drunk, cornered my wife in the bathroom of a party and begged for a threesome with her and me, her boyfriend was sitting outside the bathroom looking sad, felt so bad for him.

  4. I was 16, stuck with an abusive girlfriend who had borderline personality disorder. I ended up smashing another girl at the same time to boost my self-esteem, as this other girl was good looking and so into me I felt like a king. Ended up breaking both their hearts and feeling like a massive piece of shit. Never done it since, and never thought about doing it.

  5. Because I don’t play bullshit mental games. She thought she had the power of the pu$$y to control me. I showed her there are 200 million other women in the world that wanted her job. Now we have an understanding to respect each other.

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