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Men who decided not to get married, How is it going so far ?

Men who decided not to get married, How is it going so far ?

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  1. I’m 58yo
    I hike different mountains around the globe.
    I’m in the best shape of my life.

    Retired early.

    No debt.

    House payed off.

    Plenty of money.

    Nice cars and antique motorcycles for a hobby.

    Learning how to fly planes.

    Fully self sufficient.

    Date who u want.

    No bitching in my life.

    I just adopted a mastiff mix dog when I was at Daytona bike week in March and he’s the goodest boy.

    All in all I’d say I’ve got it pretty good.

  2. Finally got married at 43 and had a child. I’m totally fine and love both, woman and child, like nothing ever before. Btw, I married the one woman that was absolutely fine with my “non-marriage-pledge”. I guess she somehow tricked me into that😂.

  3. Doing alright, lonely at times but then I remind myself I can do whatever the hell I want whenever I want and not give it a second thought. Plus the kids in the apartment next to mine are on summer vacation. If that’s not motivation for me to never have kids idk what is.

  4. Not sure “decided” is exactly the right term. I haven’t exactly turned anyone down. But I’m in a very much better financial situation than if I’d ever have gotten particularly serious with any of the women who’ve ever been interested in me so I’ve got that going for me. They’ve all been major losers who have failed at even the most basic aspects of being a grown adult such as working a full time job and not losing their car over getting a DUI or driving without insurance.

  5. 30 years old. 600K liquid net worth with no debt. Have two cars. One for daily driving, another for weekends. No obligations or stresses, just living life. Currently on a 3 week work remote + vacation in Mexico City with my 21 year old girlfriend who’s on school break. She’s hot hot. Life is good. Never plan on getting married ever. Don’t fall for it…misery loves company.

  6. Fucking great man. I can tell you all the negatives are true, the loneliness, the this the that. But you know what I got? Freedom

    I even took it a step further; for a while I was flat broke & unemployed. It fucking sucked being broke, but I was free. All day everyday I did what I wanted to do when I felt like it. Now I’m employed & things are looking up, but I still resent what I gave up


    TLDR: it fucking sucks, and is totally worth it

  7. It’s going great. I have friends who are married and they have to ask their wives for permission to buy new sneakers. Their response is that they are a team and work together so they decide together. Then when those friends buys lunch outside their wives scream at them and torment them for spending $6 on a sandwich.

    Insane. I can just hire high class escorts if I need sex.

  8. In my 3rd long term relationship. I think she is the most amazing woman ever. Heart of pure gold. Simply amazing person.

    Her autistic child, however, total nightmare. I’m glad I decided to never have children. This guy is enough for everyone to never want to chance it.

  9. Pretty good honestly. The only problem is I can’t stay in longterm relationships for long. After a few years, every woman proposes we move in together or hints at marriage. At that point, I just break up with them.

  10. It’s going great. I’m free. I’m authentic. I’m sexually active. I love my job. Marriage lol. Talk about the most outdated tradition of all time. Who wants to live with the same person for the rest of your life. I’ll say this though, life struggles to find purpose without children, and I also may need someone to call 911 when I have a heart failure in the shower. But as a 35 year old, I should be an inspiration to everyone as to what life should be.

  11. Sometimes lonely but at least calm. While I was with my ex (who wanted to marry), I was way more stressed. Now my life outlook is more positive. So it’s ok.

  12. Sometimes lonely but at least calm. While I was with my ex (who wanted to marry), I was way more stressed. Now my life outlook is more positive. So it’s ok.

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