Men who change your “look” often, why?

Gaining or losing weight, having a different hairstyle/facial hair every six months to a year, glasses then no glasses, changing up your style of clothes, what motivates this? Curious if it points to insecurity or unhappiness with one’s looks or a nebulous sense of identity or if it’s not that deep. Thank you!

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  1. Hmm, sometimes I feel like growing my beard out cuz… why not? Definitely not too deep on my part, sometimes I just want to stroke my own beard.

    Edit: and as a blonde I never cease to surprise myself when my secret ginger beard sprouts. Imagine that!

  2. Well, weight gain is usually unintentional. For instance I didn’t just up and decide that for sophomore year of college I wanted a dadbod, it just happened. Then I reined in the eating and reversed the damage. With the others I think it’s usually improvements and adapting to growing up or aging.

    Facial hair and hairstyles usually change in response to how our bodies change. If in 10 years I go bald, I’m going to update my hairstyle as the process progresses. And I wouldn’t be surprised if many women didn’t know this but most mens’ beards keep changing and filling out throughout life. So as soon as I can grow a magnificent and dense beard, I’ll make it happen.

    Changing up clothing is no different in that respect. What looks good on a 21 year old doesn’t necessarily look good on a 48 year old (especially if weight gain happened in those 27 years) and vice versa.

    TL;DR Usually it’s not that deep. Often a response to aging.

  3. The last time that I changed my look was a few years ago. I had shoulder length hair (think Keith Urban style), and I eventually got it cut in to a side parted pompadour (think Brian Setzer.) I’ve always been an old soul, and I’ve settled in to my rockabilly look as I’ve gotten older: rolled jeans, t-shirts, leather jacket.

  4. in the past 5 years I’ve been up and down 60 lbs, had pony tail length hair and had fingertip length hair, rocked many lengths of beard and stache and now currently clean shaven. I think it’s just part of the fun. If you can look 2 different ways or more, why not.
    Might as well change the hair up until I have no more hair to change lol. Life’s more fun that way.

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