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Men who can buy whatever they want but need nothing, how do you treat yourself?

Men who can buy whatever they want but need nothing, how do you treat yourself?

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  1. I make enough money to be satisfied. I could buy whatever I wanted with the right dedication.

    But I don’t need anything. I’m shooting for a modicum of minimalism.

    So I treat myself with bourbon and whiskey of many varieties.

  2. Expensive takeout food, like fancy sushi or something like that. Usually on a Friday night when I’m feeling good but don’t have any plans. I’ll pick it up, fire up a good show on netflix and just sit there with my dog and be happy.

  3. I built myself an arcade, bar and wood shop in my garage. (2 cars deep, 3 cars wide, never once parked a vehicle in it)

    I treat myself by enjoying these spaces in solitude.

    “Wife, I’m headed to (name I made up for one of these spaces). Call me if you need me.”

    5 hours later, she usually calls me in because the kids finally drove her insane.

  4. I can buy whatever I want, within reason (no, I can’t go out and buy a Ferrari). But I don’t NEED to. The things I buy for myself are typically practical. Things like nice colognes, techy toys, etc. I find myself saving money and view that as a treat – the fact that I’ve saved as much as I have, and could theoretically buy whatever I wanted as a direct result of that saving.

  5. Bodywork (chiro, massage)

    Occasional therapy session or coaching, keep the mind right.

    10 session group fitness or yoga package, pre covid. I’m a free youtube guy so it counts as a treat.

    Hire a cleaner once a year

    At a nice restaurant, get the $16 cocktail with Scotch whisky and custom made bitters and an ingredient I’ve never heard of.

    Bottle of tequila/whisky/sake to savor on special occasions.

    Find a new go-to cologne every few years

  6. I can generally buy any cheapish thing I want like new video games etc however I’m at a point where I don’t really want anything except expensive things like a new guitar or the latest console etc. Generally I just don’t buy anything. It’s making Christmas painful because I keep getting asked what I want for Christmas. I have no idea because I’d buy it myself if I wanted something. I’d love to buy my daughter lots of presents and make her Christmas amazing but I also don’t want to spoil her and her have too much. I feel lost really, time just passes on by.

  7. oh, one I can actually answer! yay!

    Ok, so I grew up super poor, like homeless at one point kind of poor.

    I’ve spent many years studying, so even though I’m in my early 30’s I’ve never earned all that much.

    All that changed this year and this financial year I’m on track to earn about $175,000-$200,000. Work also covers my accomidation and transport to and from work, so I don’t pay rent and although I own a ’97 Barina I picked up for $800 a few years ago, I don’t really need a car.

    Because of my childhood I live a fairly simple life and want for nothing. I allocate myself $500 a week and that easily covers my expenses most weeks. But I’m not tight and don’t stop myself spending money if I want, like last week I went out to dinner with mates to a good restraunt which cost is $100 each.

    Most of what I earn, I invest. I treated myself to a $300 cologne a few weeks ago and that’s the only thing I can think of where I’ve splurged.

    I enjoy baking, but the ingredients for my carrot cake cost $50, so I often avoid making it and bake something else instead.

    I’m going to visit family and friends next week and have decided to higher a car for the week (my car is currently in a different city). Last year I wouldn’t have been able to afford it and wouldn’t have been able to go. This feels like a huge treat to me.

    I’m also thinking of buying a new iPhone because I want the camera of the iPhone 12 max pro, but $2,000 for a phone really doesn’t sit well with me. I’d also love a Mustang, and while I could technically effort it, it’s a hell of a lot of money for something that dose exactly the same thing as my $800 car with the only functional difference being the addition of AC, it still gets me from point A to point B in the same amount of time.

  8. This is going to sound incredibly weird, but I treat myself with stocks. I love investing and how it develops you in so many ways and being able to buy more individual stocks really excites me.

    Just to make sure, I am talking about the stock market here.

  9. Well since I have perfect credit I think I fit this cathegory.

    I actually decided to put my money where my mouth is and started to invest in stuff that reduce household chores.


    -I bought a cheap roomba to sweep my bedroom daily (its necessary becouse I have four cats and they shed a lot)

    -a washing and drying machince (not having to hang the clothes out is pretty cool, especially since im a white collar worker and have to have clean shirts and stuff)

    -and recently a dishwashing machine (I absolutely hate doing the dishes and sometimes I procastinate it for days)

  10. I can’t buy whatever I want, but I make well over 5x what I spend. Two things make me happy to spend money on.

    Guns. I love shooting them, teaching others to shoot them, adding new parts to them, and cleaning them.

    Giving money to others, at random. Some of the most memorable ways I have spent money is handing it to strangers. Not beggars, just random people I encounter. It is usually people who are working a job that I don’t think makes much money that I have had a pleasant interaction with. I wish I could explain feeling of handing a weeks salary to a kid working at game stop or the grocery store. I especially enjoy doing it when I’ve had a rough day.

  11. The biggest thing I buy for myself is time – by working less / only taking on work I know I’ll enjoy.

    In terms of things, I generally find that I hate shopping, so I tend to get multiples of things I need which will wear out (eg buy 4 of the same shirt). I’m not a big fan of conspicuous consumption, so I tend to avoid flash jewellery / watches / branded clothing. Also, over time I’ve slowly replaced the stuff I had as a poor student with the best quality stuff (within reason) I can find. So, for example, I’ve replaced:

    – All my kitchen pots and pans with Le Creuset;

    – My kitchen knives with Wusthof knives and got a really nice set of sharpening stones;

    – My drills with a great Makita SDS and Bosch cordless;

    – A few pieces of beautiful antique furniture;

    – A few really nice persian carpets;

    – Lots of books (almost all secondhand, because I enjoy browsing and finding them);

    – Recently replaced some of my old jerseys with some cashmere ones (real treat to self – they’re freaking expensive, but feel great on your skin).

    I also enjoy investing, mostly into property. And having a big emergency fund, since I’m quite risk averse.

  12. Time and travel.

    I get a lot of pleasure from just travelling to places, wandering around (by myself preferably), and exploring.

    My kids are grown up, my wife and I are happy to lead separate but parallel lives.

    At this time, just now, I could have whatever I wanted but actually just distance, and space is all I want.

  13. I get the feeling OP may have been looking for gift ideas? In that case the gifts I most appreciate nowadays are experiences with friends and family members. Do an escape room together. Take axe throwing lessons. Tickets to a concert, the theater or sporting event where we all go together. You get the idea.

  14. I spend my money on traveling. But with that avenue largely unavailable at the moment, I’ve been modifying my car. I also try any hobby I’m curious about and buy quality equipment for them. I’m not into the bougie life so I don’t buy super high end or luxury things for the sake of having them. I’d rather spend money on experiences and clearing out my bucket list.

  15. So for me a big indulgence is having good cleaning tools. I have been holding out to treat myself with a nice cordless vacuum for a long time.

    Oh yeah, and meat. I buy large quantities of good quality meat from Costco without thinking twice.

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