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Men who are gay/biohhhual, how many of you have had a bad reaction when coming out to friends and family?

Men who are gay/biohhhual, how many of you have had a bad reaction when coming out to friends and family?

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  1. Every gay male or female friend I’ve had in the last couple decades that came out were positive. Every bisexual female I’ve seen come out was not even a “coming out” but such a non-issue because much of today’s society assumes every female is either bi or bi-curious.

    Bisexual males, on the other hand, even in the last couple decades I have yet to see one without negative reactions. IMO, bi men are by far the least accepted, and shunned by at least some/MOST straight females and many gay men – because they are no longer “genuine” enough to play inside of their little bucket anymore.

    The very same straight women that will suck dick and eat a man’s ass will tell you bi men are “gross”…I’ve literally had to stop and question one I was in a relationship about comments she made and pointed out that she had just been so into things she had literally tried to pull me out of her ass and stick it in her mouth, yet apparently bi guys in her opinion must have bad enough hygiene that she might possibly taste another man on him. Made no sense.

    I’ve seen many gay men hit on a bi guy totally into him until they hear he’s bi, not gay….then in their opinion he’s just “confused” and not “really gay”, and shouldn’t be playing in their territory.

    Buckets/labeles/categories == EVIL. Not to mention, aren’t we almost running out of letters? LOL.

  2. Bi male here, I had mixed reactions, my mom was super supportive, my dad was a little strange about it, kind of dismisses it at first but now is supportive, and my brother laughed because now he can’t call me gay as an insult anymore.

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