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Men, when and what made you think that you are now old.

Men, when and what made you think that you are now old.

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  1. I see myself taking on some the small habits of my father, who we used to tease about those same things. IE, empty peanut butter jars to hold random screws/bolts, turning down the radio because it’s “yelling at me”, getting a small glass of milk instead of a big one (house of 3 boys who could all consume food like there is no tomorrow, the small glass looked “cute”)

  2. About 2 hours ago I bent down to pick up a frisbee and my back said “no”
    I am pretty active and always stretch but sometimes your body just decides it wants to hurt and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  3. If a lift wasn’t immediately available, I used to take the stairs straight away.

    I felt old when I started waiting. At the time, that is. Now I realise it was exhaustion rather than age, and that exhaustion just hasn’t really gone away.

  4. I started to feel old at like 40… not that that is old, but even as a healthy athletic person I feel like that was the first time something ached, or a minor injury started taking a longer time to heal and last a night of drinking went from being hungover for a few hours in the morning to feeling like crap for a full day after. Lol

    Edit and I nearly forgot discovering the first hair growing out of your f*cking ear. Lol

  5. Couple things.
    1-high schoolers learn about Sept 11 in a history book because it happened before they were born.
    2- just happened a month ago, seen the “you must have been born on this date in 2000 or earlier to order a drink” … that one hurt

  6. I was listening to some real terrible song on the radio, then the DJ came on and said something cometely asinine then tossed it right into another equally terrible song.

    Still perplexed by what the guy said and realizing there was no way I could comprehend what he was talking about…I realized in that moment that “pop culture” had passed me by.

    I literally said “fuck it” and flipped over to the AM News Talk radio station.

    Haven’t gone back.

  7. Police officers started looking like they should still be in school. It’s a cliché but it’s absolutely true.

    But the real “holy shit” moment was a couple years back when I learned a co-worker was born in 2000. Seems like such a short time ago but the bloke was 18. Really hit me that I was officially old.

  8. I commented on a video on youtube last year, a commenter replied and was shocked that my youtube account was 10 years old, back from very early January 2010. Another commenter asked the person how old they were, and they said that they were 11 almost going to be 12. That made me feel old, that kids born in 2008-2009 are old enough to use social media.

  9. I’ve started complaining about new music. The lyrics often contain needless references to sex, are disrespectful to women and show a disgraceful disregard for society as a whole. I am certain that I’m going to start blaming rap and computer games for the ‘erosion’ of values any day now.

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