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Men, what’s the difference when you call a girl cute vs pretty vs hot? Why does cute feel beneath the other two?

Also would every women be considered hot during ohhhy times? I feel like that’s the only time I hear hot 🥲

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  1. For me at least,

    Cute: they are attractive in a “ I like seeing you happy” type of way.

    Hot: they are sexually attractive and can get the hormones going with a glance.

    Pretty: they have attractive, easy in the eyes face.

  2. “Cute,” to me, encompasses more than just what she looks like on the outside. It also encompasses attitude, personality, style, etc.

    IMO “pretty” can easily apply in a non-sexual context, whereas “hot” is coming from a point of sexual attraction.

  3. there’s a lot of venn diagram overlap between the three. some are only one, other are two, many are all three.

    Hot, is anyone who is extremely sexually attractive. This usually means she is also pretty, but there are probably exceptions. Maybe someone with a 10/10 body but with a shaved head, ugly/weird face/lots of face piercings, etc. but the body is so good you can look past it.

    Pretty, it’s mostly all in the face. A nice-looking face. Again, this usually makes her also sexually attractive, but you can be pretty yet morbidly obese.

    Cute, that’s kind of a specific look and personality thing. Usually some combo of being physically small, having a round face and big eyes, maybe a high voice, quirky personality, interesting hobbies, etc. It is anything but an insult. note that being called cute does NOT mean you’re not pretty or hot – just that it’s a more present trait of your personality or look that is appealing at that moment, nothing more.

    I’ll try and give an example for each:

    Pretty, cute, and hot: Olivia Munn. Great body, great face, quirky personality

    Pretty and cute, but not hot: pre-transition Ellen Page. Nice face, good body, but I think there was always something kind of un-sexy about her, and her transition kind of explains it.

    Pretty and hot, but not cute: your typical runway model.

    Cute and hot, but not pretty: Kate Micucci. She has a weird face, if you saw just a head shot of her you wouldn’t think anything of her, but has a nice little bod and she’s so funny, likeable and talented.

    Cute only: I can’t think of a great example among celebrities but it would be someone with a likable personality but who just isn’t attractive in any way. Maybe Rachel Dratch? Also children, puppies, old people, certain robots, etc.

    Pretty only: nice face but either obese or way too skinny.

    Hot only: [Grace Jones](

  4. For me, hot is someone I’m instantly attracted to. Sex appeal, etc. Pretty is the same as beautiful. Sometimes a girl is so pretty I’m not even attracted to her, I’m just in awe. Cute is a more mild hot usually with some other factor attached. Not turn your head hot, but maybe they have really nice hair or a good personality or they dress really well, etc.

  5. They all exist within the same spectrum and can overlap in a lot of areas. Furthermore, the same girl/women can exhibit all 3 just at different times.

    Generally, hot is similar to sexy. It’s raw sex appeal. Associated with maturity, larger curves and more seductive. Long legs, high heels, a club dress. These things are “hot” or “sexy”.

    Pretty and cute are closer to each other than to hot or sexy. Pretty is sort of more the physical, while cute is physical+personality. Again, generally. Petite, bubbly, sweet, demure, youthful. These are traits more associated with cute, and in extension pretty. For cute, think short skirt and thigh highs. Pretty is like a sundress.

    Both areas are just different sides to the coin that makes up “femininity”.

    Different men are more attracted to different areas of a women, but most men want a women that can be a bit of all 3 depending on the mood and setting.

    I can assure you that “cute” is not less than the other 2. Generally I’m way more attracted to “cute” than anything else. Im attracted to petite women with modesty and shyness. Curves in all the right places, but a bit less pronounces as is generally considered “sexy”. Think A-B sized breasts, rather than C’s. It just depends on the man.

    I think most women consider “cute” lesser because they dont desire the traits associated with it within themselves. Women value their own maturity and sex appeal, and disregard the appeal men have to their youth and demureness. But for men, those traits are just as important, so we dont think of “cute” as lesser.

    To me Id say Im attracted to women (both for hookups and for long term relationships) that are 60% cute. 30% pretty. 10% hot/sexy. Id imagine if you averaged out every mans preference it would come down to 33% in each category.

  6. Pretty just means attractive, and that’s it.

    Cute means they are naturally pretty without trying, Hot means they are attractive after doing themselves up. Hot is more intentional, cute is more unintentional.

  7. Hot is more objective than the other two. That’s solely on looks. Cute tends to fall at the same level as pretty where a girl is very attractive but also seems to have a decent personality. You can be hot and a rude person, or you can be cool and cute/pretty.

  8. for me

    cute: there just cute, everything they do, there like adorable

    hot: i’d say this is kinda like sexy too, when we fucking she’s hot as fuck, or like sexy as fuck

    pretty: she’s just overall stunning to me, her eyes, her smile

    extra, beautiful: just can’t get enough

  9. Hot: Inherently sexual, the whole body

    Pretty: Usually just the face. Not really sexual. Kind of generic/conventional.

    Cute: A quirky kind of pretty. Not as as conventionally pretty but actually has more personality and is more approachable. There’s something I connect with in her demeanor.

  10. I dont think cute is beneath the other two and he might have just meant attractive in that context.

    Also even if he meant cute as in you actually got more of a cute vibe instead of sexy then it could still be a good thing. A lot of guys are into cute girls

  11. Most people have made a pretty good distinction here. What I’d like to add, at least for me, it’s the clothing or appearance that helps make a girl cute to me. Now Im the one who also is usually more attracted to a girl in a cozy sweater with nice fitting loose sweatpants than a toned up model in a revealing bikini, “the girl next door” vibe is a huge thing for me.

  12. For me, there’s really not a huge difference between those and there’s definitely overlap. For example, I considered my last serious girlfriend to be so fucking cute I could cry (slight exaggeration) but she was most certainly extremely hot as well.

    In my experience, a girl that is cute can also be hot but the opposite is not true as often so I know what I prefer.

  13. Cute=I wanna hold and caress you

    Pretty=I just wanna look at you

    Hot/Sexy=I wanna fuck you

    A girl can be cute and also be hot and vice versa. The eyes and a woman’s actions and mannerisms are the determining factors on whether she’s cute or hot.

  14. Cute = Seeing you makes me smile

    Hot = I need to take care of something

    A cute girl can be hot. There are a million ways in which a cute girl can inspire urges that aren’t worth describing here. But if I only see a girl as hot, it’s not likely anything she does or says will make me think she’s cute. Fun, sure; intelligent or interesting, absolutely; respectable and dignified as a human being, obviously. But cute? Not likely.

    Squares and rectangles.

  15. Pretty – all about the face

    Cute – attractive in a way that’s really wholesome and pleasant

    Sexy – invokes a certain sexual desire in me, usually great body.

    That’s just how I always use these words.

  16. They are all different things but cute is acutally the one you should probably aspire to. Hot is someone who’s hot and you want to fuck but most likely not be anymore involved than that. Cute is someone you want to keep. And pretty kinda gets the worse of both worlds. So if you just want to fuck you wanna be hot and if you want to have a partner you want to be cute. At least that’s how I understand it.

  17. Cute to me is like hot, but with a specific aesthetic baked in. For a guy who particularly likes that kind of woman (and I consider myself among that number) ‘cute’ is a greater compliment and a stronger indication of interest than ‘hot’ is.

  18. Cute feels beneath the other two because it’s more often used for things/people that you wouldn’t (hopefully) have sex with like a puppy or a child. don’t think that when a guy calls you cute he means “I find you aesthetically pleasing but it starts and ends there” cuz most guys don’t think about what they’re saying more often than not

  19. Hmm. There is a difference for me.

    Lets take an example:
    Good looking Woman who is wearing a tight fitting crop top and jeans? Could be considered hot by many.
    Same Woman in a sundress and carefree on a swing? I’d consider that cute.

    They are just examples, but one which would come to my mind if I had to explain it to someone.

    And honest, you could do the same for men too. A guy can look hot in a tight fitting shirt, but he ain’t always like that. He can be cute too, or handsome. Whatever one wants to call it.

    I do hope it helped, it made sense in my head at least. (Though, I know that it works in strange strange ways)

  20. Cute is still a compliment, but like the word “nice” or “fine,” it’s often a filler compliment when you need to say something nice but can’t think of anything better to say. In fairness, pretty can fall into that same category sometimes. Hot generally avoids that pitfall. Yay language

  21. Pretty refers to face, hot to body, and I don’t really call adult women cute. Idk it just sounds weird for me to ever use that phrase on anybody really like I’m a weirdo for saying it. But that’s just me.

  22. Cute is like average but saying it nicely. Pretty is above average. Hot( which i don’t use), bad as hell, is like a 10 (I also don’t use a scale, or think 10 even exists based off looks alone).

  23. I would say cute when I want it clear that I’m not making a pass. I wouldn’t call someone sexy uess I am directly making a pass.

    But I’d probably not say cute anyway.

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