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Men, what was the best job you ever had?

Men, what was the best job you ever had?

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  1. I liked delivering pizzas. Got to spend all day driving around listening to music/podcasts. The frenzy on a busy night was fun, and you knew it meant more cash in your pockets. The thrill of a generous tip. Got to work with some of my friends and chill out when it was slow. Free food. Occasionally have a fun interaction at the destination. Got smoked up once. A couple guys tipped me in beer, which was great cause I was like 19. No, I didn’t get laid, but plenty of drunk chicks were flirty enough to brighten my day

    Parts of it sucked of course (being on your feet a lot, shitty drivers, smelling like grease all the time, weight gain, washing dishes) but honestly, if I could get the same pay/benefits/scheduling I have now, I’d so much rather be doing that than my current engineering job

  2. I worked as a photographer for a luxury car dealership. My job was to drive very nice cars to nice places and take pictures for online sales.

    Every so often I would be asked to drive to other cities to deliver cars to clients and pick up our loaner, which was another luxury car. Pretty much would spend my whole work day just driving around listening to music.

  3. Right after high school I was hired by a local company to drive a golfcart around looking for fires. OSHA or whoever did random inspections all that summer. They required someone be there to drive around and look for fires. I was paid $22 an hour to get up early and ride around talking to people in the plant. I made a lot of friends and everyday I would watch the sun rise over a retaining pond behind the plant. When they hired me they told me they didn’t care if I actually looked for fires. They just told me to not spend too much time in one place and be friendly to whoever asks me what am I doing.

  4. This is going to sound weird, but I’d say Walmart like 27 years ago. The job itself was obviously pretty meh. Working the floor and a register every once in a while. But it was a great social experience. Since the store closed at 10pm back then there always something going on after work. I never got that in high school. Plus this was a mostly different set of people my age so I didn’t really have any of the baggage from high school.

  5. Stay at home dad. My schedule is awesome, no boss, lots of great time with the kids and honestly very low stress and I get to see my wife a lot as I’m always there. The kids and I have a great time each day.

  6. Army, joined at the end of 2012 when I was 19, passed basic in early 2013 and was training to be a Reconnaissance Tank Crewman. Fucked my knees up during training, didn’t get any better despite being on physio so got sent home, spent 6 months on sick leave before getting my discharge papers in 2014. Apart from shit knees, all I got out of the Army was my driver’s license for free and some Enhanced Learning Credits which I put towards a Level 1 Welding Course.

    Now I work as a Fabricator making ventilation ductwork for £9.50 an hour. Hate my current job due to the crap pay and lack of progression and wish that I hadn’t fucked my knees up and was still in the Army.

  7. Honestly? UPS.

    Was super simple. Show up at work, throw boxes for a few hours, go home. Work more hours during peak season, get buckets of money. The work was physically intensive, but it was *super* easy and didn’t require me to deal with other people.

    I kinda wish I would have just stuck with it and done my 30 years to retire. By now I’d be making more oney than I do working in software anyway.

  8. Pay and benefits wise, my current job.

    For the enjoyment of the experience, surprisingly, Walmart. It was nothing about Walmart in general. I just liked everyone I worked with, never felt rushed or stressed. I’d walk into work early in the morning, have a list of stuff to do, and just went about my day doing that stuff and no one ever bothered me. If I got done early, I got to go help my teammates or help people in other departments who were usually more elderly so they always loved me being there. Also got to help a lot to elderly customers and that’s always nice.

    Second place was a job I had at a gun store. Didn’t sell any, just made holsters all day every day listening to music and talking nonsense with my coworker/boss. There was something super duper relaxing about creating and perfecting an item built with your own hands. I really enjoyed that, and knowing the process and costs, I should probably just buy all the equipment and do it on the side now, undersell everyone for a good side gig.

  9. My current job is pretty good, I work as a software developer and it’s a secure job that pays well, has good benefits, and offers more time off than most jobs, 16 days of paid vacation a year, 11 paid holidays, 6 days of personal time, its really nice having all this time that I don’t have to be working.

    Close second though was mowing my Grandma’s lawn as a kid. She’d pay me $20 every week, give me a coke or an ice cream when I was done, and I’d get to visit with her. Most of my best memories with her were visiting her after I finished mowing

  10. My first corporate job. The pay was ridiculous compared to what I’d made previously, and I didn’t have a house or kids so it was far more than I needed.


    The expectations were pretty low – check these reports every day, and do some super easy tasks. That left me with loads of time to do what I liked, which I learned was poking around in databases looking for interesting things. Found a lot of stuff that wasn’t all that useful, but every once in a while I got to be the ‘hero’, since for whatever reason there weren’t all that many people with the skills/time to go run down random questions.


    So for a while, my job consisted of about 50% of my time on simple, easy tasks and every six months or so coming up with a new useful idea.

  11. Worked Saturdays solo in a greasy spoon caff. Just a little place in an alt fashion market, 30-cover if that. The owner had kinda wrecked the place’s reputation by being arsey and not letting anyone just chill and chat which is what the caff had always been known for.

    After a couple of Saturdays, word got round that there was new blood in the kitchen and we started getting busy because i wasn’t being a dick.

    Owner had her nose a bit out of joint because of the higher take on my days and the fact the old crowd she didn’t like kept coming back hoping I’d be working.

    I was called to do jury duty. On my first and only day waiting to be called, she gave the caff to a couple who couldn’t run a bath and fucked off.

    And that’s how my big break was ripped from under my feet.

  12. It was volunteer work, but reef research for an environmental organization. A mix of skin and SCUBA diving multiple times per day with some pretty cool equipment in a tropical locale. Hard to beat. I started with a cracked rib and didn’t tell anyone because I did not want to lose that gig.

  13. Was in the Army for 10 years and I hated it when I was in, now Im a government contractor and work 12am to 8am, pretty boring job, and having any real life with graveyard hours is pretty difficult.

    I miss the Army every single day haha.

  14. At a golf course from age 16-24. Worked with a few other high school kids and older college kids. It was about 2 hours of actual work for a 7 hour shift. Free golf pretty much whenever. Older college kids got us beer and weed. This was late 1980s to mid 90s and the course only took cash. We robbed the place blind. It started out as just money to order food then it was beer money then it was a couple hundred per person per shift. All cash.

  15. I was a bat boy for the farm league Astros for several years before becoming the mascot. Spent lots of time with the players. Most didn’t make it any further, but they were still stars to me as I was 14-19 when I was bat boy. Though some did make it, and I still know them. One notable one being Jose Altuve. My current job as an audio technician is my next favorite.

  16. Plasma donation center! I worked as a “processing tech” in the lab separating, freezing, and shipping out samples for testing. The phlebotomists would stop by the lab to visit and drop of the plasma. Lot of great people worked there, and a surprising amount of stoners. As long as I did my job management left me alone and I would bring in a pile of CDs and listen to music my whole shift. Good times. If it wasn’t minimum wage I would totally go back. Maybe it will be my retirement job.

  17. Camp counselor as a college student. They pay you to take kids on adventures and you drink with your friends when the week is over. Best way to get paid to go rafting, climbing, backpacking, etc. shit pay but I would absolutely do that forever

  18. The Summers when I was 16 and 17 years old, I worked on a Charter boat on Lake Michigan, salmon fishing. This was back in 1976 and 77.

    I got paid $2.00 CASH to fish all day. Back then, minimum wage was $1.35, I think.

    The first Summer, I just worked weekends. The 2nd Summer I worked almost 7 days a week, with different Captains.

    I got an offer to run the boat, if I got my Captain’s license in the off season. Dumbass me never took him up on the offer.

  19. WalMart cashier. I made shy of $15/hr, got a lot of time off as a part-time employee, the employee discount helped pay for groceries, my manager was great with scheduling and the store was air conditioned.

  20. Coolest job I had was as a line service technician at a private FBO at the airport. I learned a lot and saw a lot of cool things. Marshalling jets, fueling them, driving the fuel trucks, doing quality control for fuel and equipment, towing the jets, helping mechanics with jet maintenance (unofficially), being around ultra wealthy and famous people, the cool lights, the sick sunrises and sunsets, constantly being around jets blasting, the jokes… It was a cool job, but it was so stressful and wreaked havoc on all of us, not to mention the health downsides to being around dangerous chemicals and jet fuel day in, day out.

    Best job I had was as a research assistant. Did it in 3 labs during my undergrad. I studied geology and all the projects were pretty neat. Got paid to throw on podcasts and use an electron microscope or work remotely making 3 dimensional models and processing python scripts.

  21. Starbucks. The customers were often assholes, but I always matched their attitude and if they were mad at me I would let them know I was mad at them for the same reason.

    The managers were alright, but it was mostly the coworkers that made it great. I met a lot of great people!

  22. Currently working full time as a government employee for DHS. It’s dry, bureaucratic, and relatively low-paying. But the benefits are great and the job security is second to none. That being said, I’ve only been working here for 8ish months and I’m already bordering on miserable.

    I also have a hobby that I love in sports cards – both collecting and investing. I recently picked up work on the weekends at a shop that opened up this year, and I’ve had more fun doing that 2 shifts a week than I’ve ever had working any amount of time at any other job I’ve previously worked. As my wife says, “I go through the motions during the week, but on the weekends I wake up like it’s Christmas morning.” Doing it has likely saved my sanity, because now I have an outlet to do what I love, and I’m getting paid to do it. I’d like to think there’s a possibility in me doing it full time down the road, but I’m happy doing it when I can for now.

  23. HVAC doing metal fab for custom duct work.

    I did the primary/rudimentary cutting & bending. The field technicians were the ones who had to install it and deal with customers. I worked in the warehouse and worth noting-I was the only one who worked in the warehouse.

    I never had to interact/deal with customers. I rarely had to deal with my boss (he was a pretty good guy but still my boss). Field techs and the boss started work at 0700. By the time I got in at 0800 they had loaded their trucks and left. Boss would leave schematics & written instructions of what he’d done. At the end of the day I’d leave a note of everything that went on during my day.

    Physically, it was demanding work. I never slept better in my life and my stress/anxiety was at an all time low. I came to the conclusion that (for me at least) the hard part of work isn’t the physical demands, it’s dealing with people. When you don’t have to deal with people, life is a lot better.

    If you’re wondering why I left that job; as good as it was, the pay was mediocre and there was no room to move up. It was a small, family owned company-the only way to get promoted was to be born into or marry into the family that owned it. Much as I liked the job on a day to day basis, I became aware that I could work there 20 years and I’d still be doing the same thing (and in the same pay scale) as the day I walked in the door.

  24. Chuckie cheese. Was a game room tech so basically made sure all the games worked which ment having to play every single one at the start of shift. Fix whenever coins/ token got jammed. But yeah pretty much just played arcade games and gave out free tokens to kids.also free pizza Only downside was having to dress up in the rat costume 2x per shift.

  25. I worked in my teenage years in an auto centre for car parts. It was an “easy” job and we (teens) were trusted to run the place in the evening. It was a lot of fun as everyone was there for a laugh.

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