Men, what values do you live by and why? How did you come to these set of values?

Men, what values do you live by and why? How did you come to these set of values?

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  1. “Nothing in life thats worth having comes easy.” – watching Scrubs and this one stuck

    “Who gives a damn what anybody else things? Do what makes you happy.” – also from Scrubs

    “Be the labour great or small, do it right or not at all.” – saw it somewhere and it stuck in my head

    “If you want to test a man’s character – give him power.” – Abraham Lincoln (also saw it somewhere)

  2. Right is right even if nobody is right. What is wrong is wrong even if everybody is wrong.


    My grandfather had it typed up on a yellowed piece of paper on his office wall. When he died that was the only thing I asked for. A man must believe in and be dedicated to his principles, always.

  3. Treat others as you’d like to be treated. I have always followed this as if it were law, I give everyone a chance.


    Race plays no part in another’s character. Have seen, first hand, how this plays out…

  4. Most important thing my grandfather ever taught me. “Always keep your word. Without it, nothing else matters. If people can’t trust you to keep your promises, then you’re not worth the letters it takes to spell your name”

    He also taught me to never be afraid of hard work, and to never be worried about what others think of me

  5. Be a gentleman and treat everyone you know or meet with respect and compassion, regardless of colour, job, looks or wealth. Not out of some god fearing belief that you’ll go to a better place, but because we’re all special and in this together.

  6. Liberty, truth, and unity (love)

    Do what you want as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. Be honest. Work together, compromise.

    Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s wishful thinking.

  7. I will do anything in my power to not become my father (he was an alcoholic; physically, mentally, verbally and sexually abusive Douchebag; that I had arrested a long time ago). The first time I physically harm a woman I am with will be the last day of having a relationship in my life.

    My mom and my sister come before anyone else including myself. Current significant other also comes before me.

    Do whatever makes me happy. My mental stability is more important then making others happy (obviously this comes after the prior paragraph).

    Some of my friends are like family to me. When you have a shit family life you find family in other places. I have a handful of friends that I would do just about anything for.

  8. My bachelor’s degree was philosophy, and I’d describe my moral beliefs as being akin to [Aristotelian virtue ethics]( and informed by utilitarianism. In a nutshell, strive to be a virtuous person and draw inspiration from virtuous people. But utilitarian calculations can inform virtuous decision making.

    Something I like about Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle is their discussion of purpose in relation to contributing to society. And I think my firmest value is that **everyone should find purpose in serving others,** however that might manifest for each person. And, this might be unpopular, but I don’t think life should primarily be about enjoying yourself. There’s so much suffering and injustice in the world that I think everyone should feel obligated to serve their fellow man. That servitude isn’t mutually exclusive with having fun and enjoying life. Rather, it provides a more meaningful, fulfilling existence.

  9. If you tell the truth, no matter what happens as a result of it, you will receive the best possible outcome from all available outcomes, and you will be at peace with yourself in your moments alone. From this position you will know what love is and from there you will love without fear and receive love without feeling it is undeserved.

    I came to this through a mixture of life experience and reading of philosophy and history for many years. That being said, you can only understand yourself for certain when you stop holding anything back from yourself and others and this requires telling the truth. As a great man said, tell the truth – or at least don’t lie.

  10. I adopted honesty as a policy. It works great for me. Sometimes you eat the negative consequences. People can trust you more though. If they pay attention.

  11. Myself first, don’t give a dam for what other people think and have fun living

    Why? A girl played with my feelings and I started to become a sad/depressive guy, I promised myself that I will never be like that again.

  12. I live by one principle only

    Don’t ever, for any reason, do anything, to anyone, for any reason, ever, no matter what, no matter where, or who, or who you are with, or where you are going, or where you’ve been, ever, for any reason whatsoever

  13. The more our beliefs align with reality, it allows us to make the best decisions about reality. I want to accept as few false things as true as possible. Researching epistemology and logical fallacies then hearing many rationally undefendable arguments.

  14. I’ve got one thing that’s keeping me going: I’m not allowed to die until after my mother does.

    I’ve been at the point of suicide several times (including failed attempts) and this is the only thing that is strong enough to keep me alive. Miserable, but not dead yet. I just couldn’t make her go through that. But god damn it’s hard not giving in.

  15. My uncle told me “don’t do anything you wouldn’t tell grandma about.” I follow a sort of modified version of that, where I won’t treat someone in a way I wouldn’t tell my grandma about.

    Also when I was in high school, one of the teacher’s motto was “don’t be a dumbass.” While I don’t follow it perfectly, it stuck pretty well.

    Quick edit: third one that guided my whole education/career so far is that I want to be the person I needed. For me, I needed someone who would listen and understand what I was going through earlier in my life (and luckily had good support at the time), I’m working towards licensure as a therapist now.

  16. Honesty, even if it’s not the best for you, why??? My county is kind of fucked up cuz a big majority are sell outs, lots of corruption and poverty due to people not being honest

  17. Greatness is a habit and it applies to every aspect of your life. Physical, mental, emotional all tie together and all affect each other. Trying to be the best at everything you do and creating good habits that help you attain that greatness will make your life so much better as a whole.

  18. 1.) Never be a rat.
    2.) never change on my guys
    3.) mind your business
    4.) don’t stress over what can’t be changed

    I can’t be a rat. If we hit a lick and they catch me I’m not saying a word. That’s how it is.

    My Day 1’s changed up on me. It was crazy. I never expected that. I found out who my real friends were. They stuck with me through thick and thin. I owe it to them to reciprocate.

    Don’t poke your head where it doesn’t need to be. Simple.

    If you can’t change it, process it and figure out how you’ll move forward instead of sitting and whining about it.

    (Typed on Mobile so I apologize for formatting)

  19. Know how to be a follower, and recognize when it is time to follow. Know how to be a leader, and recognize when it is time to lead.

    Learned by fire.

  20. I have Free Will and I have Agency, and so does everyone else; the other side of the coin is that I am responsible/accountable for my decisions, actions, and reactions; even if the decision is “do nothing”.

    I have Freecom of Speech, and so does everyone else; the other side of the coin is that I might not like what others have to say, but they have the right to say it, even if it’s untrue. I have the right to get offended and they have the right to NGAF about it; and vice-versa.

    Good readings:


  21. 1. Be honest. You can’t be afraid of who you are if everyone already knows. You might be surprised who likes you for it.

    2. Don’t use honesty as a mask for cruelty.

  22. Give your best in everything you do. A close second rule is: don’t just do what makes you happy, find happiness in whatever you are doing. Reasons: I don’t know the full extent of my influence, so as much as it depends on me, I’m going to make it good. I won’t always get to choose what I will do, so enjoying what I get to do seems to be a better mindset.

    Before moving to the States, I had a LOT of free time. And I mean a LOT of free time (even more than what we have now in the quarantine). This was because I stopped going to university back then, because we will be moving anyway (there’s no point continuing it). So I spent time looking for things to do, learning in other ways, and preparing for the big move. After some point, I just said to myself, “Once I get to do things again, I’m just going to give my all. And I’m going to enjoy it, no matter what that is.”

    True enough, it got me very far. It allowed me to meet amazing people and become someone they can rely on. Despite being a quiet kid, people told me that my enthusiasm is palpable and that I always exceed expectations. Most importantly, it’s so fun. I get to sleep soundly at night knowing I gave my all today.

  23. Respect above all else, golden rule, egalitarianism, putting myself in other Dude’s shoes, loving sympathy over hate, and realize I do not understand at all what is like to be a Woman. I can only sympathize Dude to my best.

  24. Do everything now. Its easier to just knock things out rather than wait until the last minute.

    Treat people how I would like to be treated, until they treat me badly. Then fire and brim stone.

    Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

    These are pretty much the rules for my life.

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