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Men, what is your favorite thing about yourself?

Mine is probably my hair. I have dense, straight, blonde hair and several of the barbers I’ve been to have commented on how thick it is. I guess it makes up for my awful eyesight and flat feet. I think we should remind ourselves about our good attributes more often instead of always looking at our flaws.

Edit: My favorite thing about myself is my 31C5

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  1. Also my hair, it’s dark brownish with a little bit of red with a natural straight sort of line at the forehead (don’t know what it’s called), it also seems to be versatile and can be styled nearly any way and I may not need to worry about going bald, ever.

    I also quite like my eyebrows, lips, and dimples as they’re things I’ve been complimented on in the past. Same with my calves and thighs.

    And slightly NSFW >!I’m sure ya know what Im referring to…I’m above average and as a short guy, it serves as a sort of boost of confidence, plus I always thought I was small or average at best (large hands) until I measured again and…apparently not too bad.!<

  2. Probably my build. Im much weaker and weigh less than all of my friends, but people always assume I’m more athletic and I weigh about 20 more pounds than I do. I have broad shoulders and for some reason my calves are fucking massive compared to the rest of my body.

    Just adding from your post. I have 1 flat foot. My left foot has an arch it and my right one is flat.

  3. From what I’ve been told, I’ve got good emotional intelligence. At first, I thought this was a nice way of saying I’m nice, but dumb, but over time, it’s made sense. It’s helped me to adjust to social situations, which is good, as I used to be really shy.

    If we’re talking physically, I think I’ve got nice eyes. Other people have said the same thing.

  4. My wittiness and my intelligence. I have a near encyclopedic knowledge on most topics related to history and I always have a willingness to learn more about historical eras I’m not as familiar with. Recently I’ve been reading heavily into the history of the Steppe peoples and Central and Inner Asian steppe empires like the Turks, Mongols, Xiongnu, Huns, Jurchens, etc. I’ve also been getting more into Ancient and Medieval China, the Goryeo Dynasty of Korea, and the Samurai of Feudal Japan. When you’re reading about the Mongols, its almost impossible not to segway into the rest of East Asia.

  5. Physically: My muscles in general. I’ve worked very hard on them and I now have a nice looking body that I’m proud of (slightly less so now that gyms are closed, but I’ll get back to my peak soon enough).

    Mentally: I’m a hard worker. Very disciplined. This helps me a ton at school, my job, the aforementioned muscles, pretty much every part of my life

  6. My inability to stay mad for more than a few seconds. Even when some actual fuckshit is happening, I really can’t stay mad. I’ve tried, but it doesn’t feel genuine because I can never find a single logical fuck to give, so I just say whatever and move on stress free.

    A lot of people I used to work with and some friends really hate it because they thrive off getting in arguments. Often times they take my genuine apologies or me taking responsibility for my fuck ups as me being passive aggressive which I find absolutely hilarious.

  7. I like how good I am with people. I can make friends with everyone and it’s really nice to not have enemies at work or school.

    Physical attributes? idk maybe my eyes or hair? I feel lucky that I don’t have balding issues like a lot of my friends… that’s gotta be rough

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