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Men, what is your favorite condom? Sure, Trojan brand is fine, but I’d like other input as well?

Men, what is your favorite condom? Sure, Trojan brand is fine, but I’d like other input as well?

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  1. So I’m a woman BUT: partner and I have tried many different condoms and here’s another vote for Skyn. He’s rather girthy and they’re one of the only brands that fit properly for him and the only ones that he’s ever been able to finish while wearing. It’s all we buy. The elite large ones, but I bet all the varieties would feel good.

  2. I am allergic to latex so I was forced to try pretty much all latex alternatives, and my personal favorite was Skyn brand. Most non latex don’t have the elastic quality that latex does, but skyn did and they felt super thin, so I was a fan.

    But real talk: my favorite brand is none at all. Vasectomy was the best decision I ever made!

  3. MySize (they’re also known as another brand, but I can’t recall that name at the moment).

    They’re the only one that offer size 64/69 where I live and they were like a gift of god before I got the snip. I can only recommend them.

    They also offer a cutout on their website so you can measure which one of their sizes fits best.

  4. Skyn is the shit, I like the thin ones. They feel better than other condoms I’ve tried, they don’t have that overpowering, gross latex smell, and you won’t get cockblocked by a partner with a latex allergy. They’re also widely available in stores which is a nice bonus.

  5. I used the Trojan bare skins for many years, but recently I made the switch to the Okamoto 0.04 Condoms, fucking fantastic, they are a little pricier but it’s worth it , the closest you can get to wearing a condom without feeling like you’re wearing one imo

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