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Men, what is the sweetest/cutest thing a woman did for you in early stages dating that totally won you over?

Also add after how many dates (or how long since you started dating) this incident happened

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  1. After 2 or 3 great dates, she announced that she’d like it to be *her* turn to plan out and cover everything for a date.

    Showed up at my place at the appointed time with groceries to cook for us. Also inside the bag was a pack of cashews she presented to me (she had paid attention enough to hear me say I love them). And she pulled out a bottle of sparkling cider (she knew I don’t drink alcohol) and was like, “And this is the champagne.”

    All of this was just generally nice and welcome, while also signaling to me that I had met someone who is a giver and who was continuing to demonstrate making a mutual effort to create something cool between us, versus taking stuff for granted or just simply “taking”.

  2. This might sound stupid but me and an old girlfriend I had a few years back would go on regular road trips to national parks. We would always stop to get some burgers or something through a drive thru. As I was driving she would cut bit sized pieces of my burger and feed it to me because she didn’t want me distracted while driving. Never asked her to do it for me she just always did it and it honestly lite up my world every time.

  3. It was the very first time that she cooked for me, I stayed the night at her house (we were still teenagers I was 16 and she was 18) and when I woke up the next morning she wasn’t in bed so I got up and went down stairs and there she was standing in the kitchen cooking up a storm. She was back and forth around the kitchen trying to be quiet. I stood in the doorway for a minute just so I could watch her and when I walked in I walked up to her, hugged her from behind, kissed the top of her head, turned her around and kisses her and she goes “you weren’t supposed to wake up yet, I wanted to surprise you”!, so yeah that was definitely it!!!

  4. My current girlfriend brought me over an easter egg and chocolate for easter since I said my house didn’t make a big deal of the holiday, which made her think my family didn’t get each other anything. She just called round out of the blue and handed it me and left, expecting nothing in return

  5. I don’t think most guys really want those sorts of things, I know I never have. I certainly wouldn’t be put off by it, but in general the time and effort could be better spent on something else. I have had girls who did do these things and I have always tried to be gracious and appreciative, but in reality I wish they would have saved the time and effort and done something nice for themselves instead.

    The fact that you asked that question makes me think you would enjoy those sorts of sweet surprises more than even most women. It is important that you make that known to a potential partner as most guys will be reluctant to engage in that sort of behavior because they don’t want to come off as “cringey”.

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