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Men, what is a time where a woman made you feel very uncomfortable?

Men, what is a time where a woman made you feel very uncomfortable?

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  1. Work party, female colleague roughy 40 y/o grabbed my arse and gave it a squeeze. She laughed it off like it was just a bit of fun.

    You can imagine how it would be perceived if you swapped the genders. 40 y/o guy grabbing a 21 y/o girls arse.

  2. Sometimes women get a little too comfortable with me and try to talk to me about sexual topics but even if I tell them I’m taken and not interested they sometimes continue

  3. She worked at the coffee shop near work, and would always come out to greet me when I was grabbing my coffee. She was cute and nice, and guess we were flirting a bit. However, one valentines day, she was telling me how she didn’t have a date, and was feeling lonely – and as I paid, she just grabbed my hand and held on, begging me to asking her out for Valentines, while all her co-workers were egging me on to take her out. Like, in any other time, I probably would have asked her out, but what happened and that scene with everyone was just a bit too awkward and too much.

  4. As a gay man it happens way too often, straight women think they can just put their hands on me, run their fingers through my hair or beard, cuddle with me when I sit down, grab my ass or even my crotch, or for some reason think that I still want to make out with them and its hahahahaha sooooo funny cause “it’s totally cool, you’re gay”. It’s not cool, its often sexual assault

    Or they just strip, right in front of me and think its totally cool cause I am gay. Again it’s not cool, I don’t wanna see your boobs and frankly your lady bits are a thing straight out of nightmares in my opinion. I also do not want to hear about your period or other female problems. But “it’s cool, you’re gay so you are just one of the girls”. Yes I am gay but I am still a dude and just cause you are bumping uglies with my bro, doesn’t mean I want to see or hear about your stuff.

    Then we have the minor stuff, like thinking I am going to be their new gay bff. I always just look at them weird when they ask to go shopping with me so I can give them fashion advice while I am in cheap jeans, an old tee and a comfortable, oversized hoodie I have had for 20 years. This “you’re just one of the girls” thing is infuriating.

    Women can be really awkward to hang around as a gay man so I tend to just have guy friends at this point.

  5. We were in our monthly planning meeting at my old job, which was an all day affair. I was responsible for running the meeting. A woman co-worker convinced the boss and some other co-workers to go out for lunch and drinks, which pissed me off because we still had hours to go and I wanted to just push through it.

    They come back pretty buzzed from the lunch and the woman coworker starts getting handsy and rubbing my chest while I was sitting in the chair. I saw red.

  6. Every single time they try to flirt to make me agreeable. Eating at restaurants, coworkers trying to convince me something’s worth my while, trying to sell me something with puppy eyes. It’s like all the things I worked at that give me worth are out the window.

  7. A friend’s wife used to talk shit about other friends in our circle. She would do this immediately after that person would leave and it always made me feel so uncomfortable.

  8. When she brought her three kids and newly ex husband to our first date, and expected me to pay for everything.

    Imagine my surprise because she never mentioned anything about being a single mom.

    I noped the fuck outta there real quick.

  9. I met this girl once for dinner after we matched online.
    Let’s just say that she didn’t look the same. At all.
    She has gained like at least 50 lbs.
    I wasn’t interested and she was.
    It was super uncomfortable to say the least. I had to make a quick getaway..

  10. I went to pick up food at a restaurant a little while back and an ex was seated at the back with group of friends. I guess she saw me, because she started saying some negative things about my body, and then pivoted to saying some positive things about “other” parts of my anatomy.

    I was at the front of the restaurant and could hear her pretty clearly despite not being able to discern the comments of the rest of the table, so I have to imagine that everyone in there heard *everything*. I was mortified at the time, but it was honestly more confusing than hurtful because we haven’t dated for ~7 years and I thought we had put a pretty nice epitaph on that part of our lives a few years ago.

    I don’t hate her or anything quite so trite, mostly just confused and a little dispirited that we’re apparently still not at a place where we can at least just smile and wave when our paths cross before going about our respective days.

  11. I was starting a new job, I traveled interstate to their main office. My new boss was showing me around and got dragged into a meeting for an important issue that had come up. So I’m waiting in the middle of an office and one of the girls I was introduced to just says tp me I don’t mind a guy with a dad body. This was infront of multiple people, I just replied ohh thanks.

  12. There was a couple when I was working My first job I had a few female coworkers touch me in an unwelcome way.

    I also am not a fan of being touched so it was very uncomfortable.

  13. Was at a club leaning against the bar chatting and some random grabbed my leg to support her while she adjusted her shoe. I gave her a funny look and said ‘excuse me?’ She smiled and rubbed my junk. Then laughed. It was like she was saying she could do what she wanted as long as she ‘did me the favor’ of copping a feel. Only time I’ve ever felt objectified.

  14. When I talk to dudes we some times joke about bodily functions like farts. Girl I assume when they are with other girls may joke about periods. All this is fine and what your conditioned to but as a dude I don’t get uncomfortable about periods at face value but I have no interest in hearing details or jokes.

  15. I made the mistake of adding a catfish on Facebook who looked like a friend of mine. Turns out it wasn’t my very attractive friend but a catfish that is using a picture of a girl who looked similar to her. She asked me about my dick size and if I would like to have a fun time. There’s no way this lady messaging me is that attractive in real life.

  16. I had an employee proposition me. I was her supervisor and in front of 2 other supervisors she asked if I wanted to hook up with her. She went in to explaining that she was in an open marriage and just continued to push it after I politely declined multiple times. I ended up walking away and everyone there agreed that it was very uncomfortable.

  17. A girl who was a friend of my best friend (also girl) who didn’t have any social cues or context kept brushing my knee with her hand. Had an awkward boner that was fortunately hidden by a pillow…she kept laughing even though I was obviously not enjoying it

  18. Got groped and pursued by what I can only compare to a cross between a hippo and a whale at a friends house party, during my college days. I still get the shivers thinking about her trying to force her tongue down my throat.

  19. One time I met this beautiful girl….. then she told me she is into guys with big dicks and likes having her pussy stretched. Then she said she’s a queen and that because im cute she will give me 5% off her onlyfans….

  20. I was a grad student and TA proctoring a microbio lab. This required afternoon trips to the lab to move culture plates in and out of warm rooms. Students knew they could pop in at this time with questions. One day it was getting and late and I was about to leave. The building was essentially empty. One female student came into the lab and was bascailly sobing her eyes out because she was failing the main course. I had no influence over the main course just the lab. But here we were, alone in a building and she’s crying all over me asking what she can do to get better grades. I noped the fuck out of there and told her we could meet during the day when others were around and go over some tutoring. I immediately told everyone I could find what happened because all I could think about was her manipulating this story to get something out of it.

  21. I had a girl once beg me to go out with her Infront of about 30 people at a party. She was literally on here knees.

    I laughed it off at first as a joke, but turned out she was serious and when I said no she started to cry. I’m not that attractive either tbh.

    Really made me feel uncomfortable, It made me feel bad for a lot of women who probably deal with shit like that all the time, but they are smaller than the man so they feel physically intimidated.

  22. Years ago I took a girl back to her place after a date thinking I was going to get some action. The guy she was living with…

    …they had a relationship of some sort. Like she introduced him to me when we walked in and it was all friendly at first, I was 19 and completely oblivious… and super horny.

    We fooled around in her room a bit (nothing exciting it was a second date) and when I came out he was staring daggers at me.

    Then I made 2 assumptions.

    1. She’s fucking this dude. And that’s probably how she’s paying rent here because she didn’t have a job.

    2. I need to get the fuck out of here before I get fucking stabbed.

    Afterwards I texted her and said that was weird as fuck.

    She called me flaky and blocked my number.

    …can’t tell you how relieved I was that I never had to deal with that again.

  23. One time katy perry kissed me on the lips in front of people and I just cried all over social media and to anyone who would listen because she is a beautiful successful woman 😂😂😂 no but on a real note my friends mom and I were having a conversation and I said “how much do you think I weigh” and she just ran her hands down my stomach and back I was like 😬🤢🤮

  24. A woman at an old job who I didn’t know. Never even got her name. Would just occasionally come up, grope me, and leave.

    Another woman at my mom’s house warming party. Almost definitely over twice my age then (I was about 18 or 19) came over and sat on my lap and then started flirting with me. I again, never got her name either. But my mom chased her off in like 30 seconds. Was a very uncomfortable situation all the way through

    Oh and several women (almost all of them) who claimed that men should be able to express their emotions without judgement or insult, when I Expressed how I felt, would ridicule me and gossip with their other friends about how ridiculous it was that I had the audacity to vent to or even cry in front of them. Learned a while ago the hard way that if you are a man you should NEVER talk to women about your problems. They’ll immediately view you as weak and dismiss you as a person.

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