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Men, what are some of your biggest turn offs?

For me, it’s farting/pooping…

I know, I know. It’s natural and we ALL do it. But that doesn’t seem to make a difference to me. I don’t know why I’m like this. Every since I was a kid, I always felt embarrassed and shy about that sort of stuff. I can think a fart/bathroom joke is funny but also not want to make myself the butt of it (no pun intended). I keep it to myself, excuse myself to another room, etc.

I hate that I get turned off by a hot guy doing it. For some reason it just ruins his ohhh appeal and I don’t understand why? Everyone else can shrug it off like it’s nothing but for me it’s almost impossible?? Maybe it’s because I’m gay and ohhhualize mens asses more than a woman would?

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  1. This is not limited to women but I hate it when someone acts like they’re all high and mighty. I understand if you’re in an important position at your job but I don’t like it when someone makes that one thing their whole personality.

  2. Not being able to clearly state what is expected/wanted and/or changing opinions/desires very frequently. Basically people lacking communication skills. This is very annoying for me in basically every activity.

  3. Interest , if we’re gonna have sex and you’re not as into it as me it’s a huge turn off, with bjs too , if you have to ask it just makes it unappealing, but I’ve never been more turned on than when a woman wants to

  4. Not having any kind of self control. struggling with some issues is ok, as long as you try to work on them but can’t stand people who only make decision based on emotions. Even worse when they blame it on the time of thir Barth.

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