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Men, what are some good lunch options for the working man with no access to a refrigerator or microwave?

Men, what are some good lunch options for the working man with no access to a refrigerator or microwave?

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  1. Definitely sandwiches – crunchy peanut butter and honey for example… or a sandwich with chicken, since that kind of meat would be still good whether hot, room temp, or cold… and whatever other kind of sandwich you think of.

    Having plenty of fresh fruit on hand is golden too… you could store things like apples and bananas anywhere. Oh – just don’t store those two fruits right beside each other: the acid from the apples will ripen the bananas faster.

  2. Honestly, depending on where you are working get a microwave, we bring one to every jobsite (construction) we are on. Otherwise, during the summer long as it isn’t something that goes bad any food that you gotta heat up you can leave on the dash board until lunch. Doesn’t work with frozen foods of course, but a slice of pizza wrapped in tinfoil will usually warm up enough to be kinda warm. Same with most leftovers, again so long as they don’t easily go sour, otherwise you are lookin at cold foods, so lunch meat sandwhiches, chips, protein bars, candy bars, jerky, left over pizza (or any leftovers you don’t mind cold), fruits if you at least have a lunch box, cookies…thats all that comes to mind currently again though it kinda depends on your situation.

  3. Use a flask for soup? Warm it up at home before work. You can even find insulated containers for whole meals if you look around. Not all food would keep well in them, but could help if you want something substantial.

  4. Do you have access to a kettle or hot water urn? Could you do something like couscous with frozen veg, then add in the hot water to cook it just before you eat it?

  5. Others have put some alright suggestions so not to repeat I’ll add this. I’ve done various weird jobs over the years In cars, derelict buildings and security huts etc where you need food options, I found it was fairly easy to not settle for simple sandwiches.

    Lots of tech exists especially as you should have access to a 12v socket like [this in car food warmer](Car Electric Heating Lunch Box 12V / 220v 2 in1 Home Electric Thermal Lunch Box Food Heater Warmer for Heat Preservation,Office, School, Traveling (Dark Grey) you can dump pretty much any microwave pasta or ready meal in this or hot dogs with a little water.

    Car kettles exist too for heating water for dehydrated foods like ramen which is good with some cooked meat and cheese mixed in.

    If you can park up somewhere suitable a small gas camping stove and a pot will open up a world of tasty options.

    All of the above will fit in a backpack and let you have some decent food while travelling.

  6. Get a thermos, lunch cooler like a igloo and Ice packs. I’ve worked a lot without any of the things you mentioned. I still eat hot meals in the form of rice based dishes, Soups and stews. Just heat up the thermos with hot water before filling it with your heated food. I’ve done this in extreme winter conditions with my lunch box out in the cold and it’s always still hot. Sandwiches for when it’s warmer you can make them an infinite number of ways so it doesn’t get boring.

  7. I have a small insulated bag for my lunch. I drop a freezer pack in the bottom and I’m good to go.

    My lunch is a turkey and provolone sandwich with mustard and spinach. For bread I use California protein bread that I toast. For a snack some cottage cheese and berries. Easy peasy.

  8. I’ve been on the road a lot in the past and can’t always find healthy options to eat (either it’s fast food, or questionable mom and pops rural eateries or gas station snacks).

    I thinking buying a cooler, ice packs for cold things and food safety is needed. So is a proper thermos.

    While a pain to lug around and clean every night, I always found making slow cooker stews or thick soups (split pea and ham etc) and buying high quality loaves of crusty bread was always the best filling lunch

  9. I work out of a service van so I feel you.

    I started making miso soup and 2 oz of Asian style noodles. I heat up the water and make the soup in a thermos at home, add some chopped veggies, and bring the noodles separate. 5-10 minutes before I eat I throw the dry noodles in. I bought a big 48oz bag of noodles from the Asian market so it’s like $.37 per serving.

  10. I’ve been In construction for 17 years. I honestly just eat whatever and I eat it cold. I have a nice lunch backpack. Keep ice packs in it. Whatever I’m eating it will be cold.

  11. (obligatoire not a man)
    **Wrapped in foil, in an insulated bah, I regularly rotate between these:**

    Bahn-mi’s are great

    If you’re not adverse to warm potatoes,, then oven oven baked paprika home fries topped with spicy tomato jam, parmesan or else and some sauce. You can substitue the potatoes with plantain chips! When properly Wrapped ( see [here]( ) they’ll be warm for about 5-6hours

    Potato/chicken/ham croquettes or béchamel/chicken/ham croquettes (hot they’re the best but warm they are still pretty good)

    Mini quiches

    **Cold :**

    Pasta/couscous salad (my favorite salad is Piémontaise, highly recommend)

    Cold noodles: I make these noodles that are a replacement for peanut sauce noodles, they contain no peanuts. Sliced/shredded vegetables (cabbage/ Peppers/carrots..), cooked noodles and the sauce (2 tbsp of soy sauce, 1/2 cup of amlou, 1tsp garlic powder, 2 tbsp of hot sauce). It’s so good cold.

    Chicken wraps

    Ceviche/Aguachile/Gaspacho with chips and some pasta salad on the side

    Spring rolls

  12. Pre-cooked Cornish Pasty. That’s what they were designed for, originally. Same goes for things like sausage rolls and pies. Get yourself an ice pack and an insulated lunchbox and that’ll open up even more options. That’s what I do.

  13. Beef jerky and sunflower seeds. Be sure to have some tic-tacs handy because afterward your breath will be able to knock out a donkey.

    But seriously.

    You can get a thermos that will keep soup hot for at least 24 hours. You can put a few sandwitches in a cooler, maybe some string cheese and an apple. Someone I know worked road construction for a while with a very long drive to get home. Everyone chipped in on a portable grill and food and they would have a grill out at least one day a week when shift ended.

  14. Mini cooler as a refrigerator. Meal replacement shake. Jerky and fruit/veggies. Bars. Picnic/beach/camping food. Sub sandwich maybe. Buying a lunch near by. Ordering delivery. Pizza.

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