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Men trying to loose weight – how do you manage spouse who keeps making a lot of fried and unhealthy food at home?

My wife keeps making fried and very unhealthy food, and I just cannot keep away. It wrecks my weight planning to the point that I don’t want to care about my weight and workout anymore.

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  1. Do you exercise a lot? I found when i started hitting the gyn hard, discipline in terms of diet also came a lot easier. I didn’t want to eat unhealthy and all temptations went away.

    If currently you’re only managing your weight through diet, you could add exercise in there.

    It did take until i was in a complete routine (exercising 5 times a week) until i noticed that the discipline with diet was naturally there.

  2. How to lose 3kg/6kg a month, 100% success rate.

    Step 1, get a scale that shows decimals and weight yourself. Imagine you weight is 102.4

    Tomorrow you can only eat if you weight 102.3 or 102.2 (lose 3 or 6kg a month).

    Next day you can only eat when you weighr 102.2/102…


    Impossible to fail.

  3. The key is figuring out how to control yourself. My wife likes to cook and it generally didn’t fit my diet when I started being more strict in what I ate. But I set things up so that I’d have room in my calories for dinner at home with whatever she made and just really worked hard on making sure I didn’t go crazy on it.

  4. My wife and son continued with the chips, donuts and cookies while I went to 95% carb free, and after almost 3 years they are slowly coming around. I just make sure I have plenty of what I eat and let them do what they want. I’m a husband…what the hell do I know? Lol. Although I’m down 45 lbs and dropped 50 points if my cholesterol

  5. I’ve struggled with my weight for many years of my life and that changed after living on my own. Losing weight is ***a lot*** easier when you remove temptation. It doesn’t matter how bad you’re craving chocolate at 2am, when you don’t have any in your house and the grocery stores are closed.

    What I learned is that when you’re in a relationship, either both people are healthy, or none are. There are exceptions, but they aren’t common, in my experience.

    With that said, I don’t know what to tell you, OP. I saw you mention that you’ve talked to her about it and you two will fight over it, but she won’t change.

    In my case, my mother would bring unhealthy food into the house *all the time*, despite me *begging* her not to. Then I got the opportunity to move out.

    If you’re married, it’s not quite that simple.

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