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Men past their 20s, when did dating become easy for you? In other words, when do women become more interested in serious dating?

Girls my age (22) are either in a relationship, focused on career ambitions, only interested in ohhh, set on their independence and hence closed off to relationships, or desperate and boring. I hear that girls become a lot more avaliable and open in their late 20s making it easier for men who have some established foundation. Did you notice this? What age did dating change for you?

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  1. 18-29 is largely people in school or starting out in life. Its an entirely different ball game and dating is a lot harder as a guy during this period. You check far fewer of the boxes off and have less to offer or make you stand out.

    30+ is where people have gotten into their careers and have started to become established in life. If you’ve gotten yourself set up and check all the core boxes for women by this point in life dating becomes extremely easy.

    I suspect if you wasted your 20’s and didn’t get anywhere in life then it probably never gets any easier.

  2. I noticed the same phenomenons. Apart from that, women in their early twenties also preferred older men (typically late twenties to early thirties), so dating was basically impossible in my early twenties. Things became much easier all of a sudden when I was almost thirty.

  3. For me it changed when I stopped trying and didn’t make it a priority. Then the offers started to come on in. So, from my perspective. Just focus on your life and getting to where you wish to be with work etc. Then who knows what could occur.

  4. I’m 29

    The easiest it got for me was when I decided that I wasn’t going to chase the college student/recent grad that was most of my dating pool. The unfortunate fact is that if you’re really attractive (I’m average) or in a really lucrative field (I’m not) you’ll do okay, otherwise, you will struggle.

    I’m with a beautiful woman now, who isn’t concerned with whether my occupation will make her ungodly rich or famous by extension of being with me. That often comes with experience

  5. I think more importantly you need to focus on you. If you go on a date with a woman and it doesn’t pan out than it just doesn’t pan out. If you go into a situation categorizing women as either only interested in sex, desperate or super independent than you’re going to go into it with a preconceived assumption about her that more than likely isn’t going to be correct in any way. If your goal is to be in a relationship you still have to get to know and meet someone without placing them into some category that already doesn’t suit what you’re looking for. She’s not going to a job interview and neither are you. That’s not how falling in love works.

  6. Oh my the perpetual victim. All women this all women that. If you were such a catch women would be beating down a path to your front door to be with you. Nothing is wrong with them. Take responsibility for your love life and stop blaming it on women.

  7. I started dating older women. At 24 I was dating a woman that was 29. And it was awesome, way more mature, way more put together and a lot of fun. And she had her own place that wasn’t a studio apartment.

    Now, I get that not all women are this way. There are women in their 30s who are way less mature and out together than some in their 20s, you have to get to know them to find out. But in my experience, women slightly older tend to be more enjoyable to date if you’re not just looking to bonk.

  8. Nah man, that’s just women. You get used to it. In time, with the benefit of a little growing up, you might realise those are good things.

    Yes go after career ambitions. Yes be independent. Yes have good sex. Those are all things that anyone, man and women, should be doing and its things I’d want to see in a partner if we were going to be dating long-term.

    Tell me, OP, what’s so wrong with pursuing a career? What’s so wrong with independence? What’s so wrong with sex?

  9. For me it got easy when I was happiest with myself, and could be happy alone. Your partner is supposed to be to add happiness to your already happy life. Once I realized this it helped me figure what I wanted in a relationship and partner, being realistic and not settling. It is easy to tell if you have the right chemistry and want the same out of the relationship.

    I met my wife over 5 years ago when I was 26. We’ve been married over 1 year now. She’s the same age.

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