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Men Over 30: In what ways has having some life experience changed your life?

Men Over 30: In what ways has having some life experience changed your life?

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  1. It’s made me realize a lot od the things I’ve worried about in the past don’t really matter that much. That in turn gives me more confidence to be myself and to do what I want.

  2. Money doesnt matter (as soon as you have enough to not need to worry about it), and I usually pick jobs not by payment but by time away from home.

    I dont really make good friends anymore. I am quite used to being at place A with a random set of people for a set amount of time, then move to place B etc. So yes, there are always ppl I hang out with, have beer with, get drunk with, but 99,9% of the time I wont ever see em again or talk to them ever again once I move on.

    Aaand I developped a fuck young ppl mentality, because fuck em, thats why.

  3. I realized that no matter what anyone says we are all completely on our own. There really is no support from friends or family. People will deny this up and down but when you’re really in crisis and when you’re really in need of a friend, the only thing you can rely on is yourself. It’s the sad truth of reality. We’re all connected but we’re all alone

  4. I’ve become less tolerant of bullshit behavior or people and actively work to keep that out of my sphere.

    I can see the signs of an upcoming problem most of the time and rather than be curious about the outcome, I’m invested in removing myself.

    My life is pretty easy, and I’m realizing that it becomes easier the less obligated you feel to the people around you.

  5. i used to define people by their job and wanted to be defined by my job. then i had a super high stress job high risk job. it was cool to be able be able to talk about how cool i was to strangers but i was killing myself. grey hair, felt sick all the time, couldn’t let go. i never saw my friends. and when i did i always on edge. i felt guilty if i took a single day off. i noticed that everyone in my profession was divorced and had terrible relationships with kids. all they could talk about was their job. their entire social circle was their job. now i have a much more mellow job that’s not nearly as cool to talk about but i have a great life. im happier, easier to be around, i have time to do things i enjoy, and i can relax. i kind of found myself and have interests and great relationships with my friends and wife. I am pumped to be a present dad. i no longer dread going to work and i look forward to going back to my home.

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